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  • The Vacmaster units are small and light enough to mount on top of the front wheel, aimed up at your chest/wherever. You can then adjust the power by turning a knob in easy reach.

  • At 45 degrees, it hits chest and core when seated. Out the saddle, hits the top of the legs.
    So the Honeywell fan pointed at the face hits then chest when out the saddle.

  • That could work then. Who wants to buy one when I find I don't like it? :)

  • Dibs, assuming 50% discount for corroding fan electronics with beer sweat.

  • Anyone got a kickr Core? Just picked one up and am trying to find the option to get it to use power from my power meter in the wahoo app. There is supposedly a control with Ant+ power option in there but I cant for the life of me find it. Using an iphone

  • Might have to have a PM paired with the app... this is with an old Kickr mind.

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  • Thanks. Yeah I tried that but no joy. I'm starting to think its not available for the core.

  • If you’re using TrainerRoad you can set that to control the Core with readings from the PM. Powermatch I think it’s called. I’m sure your know this though 😎

  • Problem with that is the powermeter I want to use it with doesn't have bluetooth, just Ant+, and as far as I'm aware macbook doesn't have Ant+?

    I've also read that doing it within the wahoo itself is more reliable than via 3rd party software.

  • When I was experimenting I didn’t like powermatch that much, can’t remember exactly why though. You could get a cheap ANT+ dongle for the MacBook though. Amey had one for sale for a few quid, or someone might lend you one. In fact, you can borrow mine if you can be arsed schlepping up to Hackney.

  • Nice, just spoke to Amey and am going to grab his. Thanks!

    My main reason is the wahoo is in the garage so going to need constant spin downs to keep the power consisten, just want to avoid that faff and use the powermeter.

  • Bought this years ago but never used it; I might dig it out as next few weeks it could be helpful, the question is: can I pootle on the cycleops fluid no handed or do I need to hold the bars to stabilise it when sitting on the bike?

  • I can ride none handed on mine.
    I don't want to make the same assumptions about you.

  • Thank you for your help, obvs. with you you can, however not all people as tiny to not even have a centre of gravity.

  • Lollolz.

    You'll be fine. I hope.
    Even MJ can ride her turbo non handed.

  • I just ordered one.

  • Were straight tiles a premium you weren’t willing to stretch to?

  • no I accidentally ordered these 😂

  • I am sitting opp one bare chested

  • I hope it's not my one.

  • Just setting off on my first rocker plate build. Should be fun...

  • Interested to see how you get on!

  • It’s a slow start. Getting an 8’x4’ sheet of decent plywood isn’t easy at the moment.

  • Richard Russell or SL Hardwoods south of the river, Jennor Timber or DW Timber if north (east).

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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