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  • I have that one. It's very quiet and very powerful, but the beam is very focused. Even six feet away on the window sill it's at most a couple of feet wide.

    (Also it has the name of an arms manufacturer on it. You'll need to cover it with a suitably right-on cycling sticker to compensate)

  • Cyclepowermeters might have one?

  • @TTM
    They do!
    I was buying an end cap for the powertap I have and saw them. Then started wobbling on which one to buy...

  • @xavierdisley

    Cheers both, I’ll drop them a line.

  • anyone put a thru axle bike on a tacx neo? That skewer is £50 and I refuse to pay that!

  • Don't you just use the thru axle on your bike? That's how the KICKR works.

    If not, what kind of fucking lunatic buys £1000+ worth of turbo that doesn't include a thru axle or suitable adapter?

  • Nope. You need a part, which doesn't come in the box....


  • Isn't it just a QR skewer with some adapters? Tacx sent me a heap of extra adapters when I had a warranty claim on my Neo, but I use a 135mm QR on it so I've got all the parts somewhere.

  • Longer skewer too as its 143mm

  • Absolutely fuck that. Should be included.

  • Pretty sure I've got what you need. It's just sitting in a box so you can just have it. I'm in N1.

  • Please can you measure it, to be 100%.
    And yeah if so I'll come north and collect, or you can post. As easiest.


  • Absolutely fuck that. Should be included.

    Came in the box with my 2T, didn't come with my original Neo.

  • Neo 2 came with thru axle skewer as well. Currently having the Talbot on it. Liking the thru axle for that actually, a more solid connection to the trainer.

  • My elite Suito is designed around adapters so you get a load of adapters in the box which cover most (or all) axle variants. Quite a good solution.

  • Are you just trying to rub salt in the wounds!

  • Not at all. My recent mishap meant a lot of time on the trainer while I wasn't allowed to ride outdoors. Had the Felt on there initially, and a squat rack around it to hold me up. The mounting of QR dropouts on a light carbon bike really scared me because the clamping force is so big, and so is the flex. So I rummaged and found the adapters in question, then put the steel bike on there and that doesn't scare me as much.

    Btw, I meant to ask, how long did your recovery from schemers take? 12 weeks post broken neck I hit the limit at around 90 mins of riding, then my neck gives up :(

  • Eternal. I still have issues now but I know how to prevent.

    I'd suggest doing strengthening exercises your physio gave you. I also found success from taping my lats, traps and neck with k-tape, but I only do it for races.
    I don't link linking my stuff here, but if you go to my website there is an article on shermers. You can google to find it.

    And I know, just playing.

  • It'd be a lot easier to so the neck physio if my wrist didn't have a perforation in some ligament as well. Just got the diagnosis last week after MRI checkup. Not meant to strain or rotate my hand much and weights also difficult.

  • you don't need weight, i don;t use any.

    you could plank on your elbows

    You could try these (nb. ask you physio)


  • AeroCoach are now selling these phone mounts - £30...
    Anyone got a (cheaper) alternative?

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  • I use the quad lock stuff, they do a variety of mounts for motorcycles, a part of this kit might be suitable?


    I used one of their adhesive mounts on the bike, an inductive charging mount in one car and another adhesive mount in the other one.

  • I'm using one of those for $8 from Kmart.
    Had a quadlock with stem mount but the sweat dripping onto it caused touchscreen events, and Trainerroad all of a sudden would be paused and my fingers too wet to accurately restart the workout. Would thoroughly recommend to go for something out front.

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  • I had one of these, which worked really well until it broke where the flexible arm meets the clamp...
    I would buy another, but I know what will happen to it and would like to avoid adding more to landfill

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  • I'm using a regular tripod with a cheap iPad holder that's held together with zip ties because the cheap shit is just that and also one of these.. but the chances of sweat hitting the phone are high.

    Would recommend out front or off the bike all together. If you have a tripod to hand, what about one of these https://www.wilkinson.co.uk/manfrotto-mc­lamp-smartphone-clamp

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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