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  • How anal do you get about calibration?

    My wife and I share the same trainer, with different bikes, so obviously they are getting switched around a lot.

    I try to make an effort to adjust the contact point as close to what is was before, and keep my tires pumped up, etc - but of course there will be minor differences.

    I don't care about a few percent here or there, but obviously I don't want to be 10 or 20% over/under reporting my wattage.

  • What are you using to measure power?

  • Depends on the trainer and if you both calibrate each time you ride or one of you does or you both do. If it's only you that bothers to calibrate then you're golden. If you're both doing it then it's going to change around a bit. For tyre on turbos (Computrainer) I just got into the habit of doing 10min warmup and then doing a calibration.

  • My Kinetic inride 3 sensor on the trainer.

    Right now none of us calibrate any of the time.

  • My wife couldn't care less about her power output, she's just doing it for the exercise. I do care a little bit.

  • If I were you I'd calibrate. If your missus isn't changing the setting at least it shouldn't be wildly off if you forget.

  • Which turbo are you using? If it's a tyre-on version you should be calibrating each time.

  • I try to make an effort to adjust the contact point as close to what is was before, and keep my tires pumped up

  • Yeah if you can be sure they pressure of the roller on the tyre and the pressure in the tyre are exactly the same then you probably don't need to but those things change over time.

  • I was making the point that yes it is a tyre-on trainer.

    Then went on to say it's best to calibrate :)

  • The answer is to buy a second turbo and keep your bike on it all the time.

  • Well, I did say her starting to use it is the perfect reason for me to get a better more expensive one ;)

  • it's a tough market at the moment but a direct drive turbo solves the problem...

  • I have a Neo 2T and it is highly effective at crushing hopes and dreams.

  • Still should calibrate DD turbo each ride although in practice, not being able to see if there's any change in numbers I have no idea of the variability of a KICKR, say.

  • I have a direto, you can do a calibration but you can't actually change anything, if it goes too far from the number written on the turbo then it means the internal belt has stretched and Elite will send you a new one.

  • KICKR is the same. I don't want to change anything I just want to see if a number changes when I do calibrate. If nothing changes, why calibrate, if it changes then maybe I'll calibrate more often, that kind of thing.

  • I calibrate my Kickr every four weeks or so - after a warmup and before a ramp test. I’ve even programmed text into the warmup to remind me. Training is all about consistency right?

  • "How our calibration works is, we send a signal to the trainer, telling to to calibrate, and then it will send another signal to us indicating whether or not the calibration was successful, and that's what we display in the app. As long as the calibration is shown as successful, I would say you're good to go. :)

    That being said, if you wanted to, you could also calibrate the Kickr in Wahoo's Utility App. This app might give you more metrics for the calibration. So that you know, if you calibrate the trainer in another app, this calibration will carry over to TrainerRoad automatically, because the data is stored on the trainer itself."

    So this is why they don't send back a number.

  • Mine was all over the place after moving it around a lot - factory spin down with the Wahoo app fixed it. The time taken to spin down was significantly quicker after calibration.

  • I calibrate my Kickr once a week, after about 10-15 mins of warming up (which corresponds with the warmup on a TR session). I don't think it's likely there's going to be a big drift week on week but I'm paranoid that a session is too easy/hard due to calibration... basically means one less thing to fret about when the self doubt kicks in.

  • ....which at the difficulty I'm finding my programme at the moment, is fairly often :)

  • So is it better to calibrate after you and the trainer have warmed up? I always calibrate (crank PM on dumb turbo) in TrainerRoad as I sync all my Bluetooth devices before every session.

  • Oh I think it depends on the device - the Kickr won't calibrate properly cold, according to Ray Maker anyway. Your PM may be absolutely fine straight out the blocks. Or if an Infocrank, never...

  • I move mine every day and only calibrate ad hoc if I think about it or felt the power from the PM was off.

    Also calibrated when I swapped bikes because the new bike has no PM so figured it was as good a time as any.

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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