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  • Smashed fuck out of today's session.
    HR was fucking high by the end of it (suck my nuts corona) considering it's only sweetspot.
    Eating beforehand probably helped a bit. Shorter session too so perhaps less off-putting.

  • I think the Tacx Neo is the only smart trainer that does that

    "The trainer can be used with and without a plug. When riding on the trainer without a plug, it functions like a wireless motor brake (like the Bushido). The permanent motor and electronics are set to generate energy from your movement, enabling the trainer to communicate with apps and control the resistance unit. It features all Smart functionalities, but you will have to keep cycling to maintain the communication and control of the trainer.

    For an optimal cycling experience we advise you to use the plug. Without one, it cannot simulate descents and when you stop pedalling the trainer will soon come to a stop. Road feel is always available."

  • I'd expect fluid and magnetic resistance units to stay at the same resistance setting when you disconnect power, so you ought to be able to continue using them as a dumb trainer.

    I doubt manufacturers encourage using them like this though.

  • Yeah but "magnetic" resistance isn't "electro-magnetic". Most smart trainers except the Neo require external power to generate the magnetic load.

  • .

  • I'm assuming they work by altering the distance of permanent magnets away from the flywheel. I'm pretty sure that's how my panic-bought Elite Zumo does - you can sometimes hear the motor whirring when it changes.

    So if you unplug it the motor will stay in the same place and you still have resistance. Maybe there are some that do it eletromagnetically instead.

  • 4iiii fliiiight claims to work for over 2 hours from an internal battery.

  • That sounds more like how a traditional, dumb, mag trainer works. The magnets can be moved closer to the metal disc to increase resistance. I assume (ass you me etc) the Computrainer style increases electrical power which increases magnetic resistance to create more load.

  • Yup. Tacx neo works unplugged. Also doesn't need calibration.

  • i took my cargo bike out to collect a turbo trainer

  • Zwift friend request incoming bbs

  • I've still got my old trainer in the back of the garage in case I lose power. In reality if I lose power I'll be forced to eat the contents of my fridge and drink all my beer rather than use the turbo.

  • Thanks all, have click and collected one for the weekend.

  • When we were looking at a property with a separate garage (with no power and too far away to run a cable) I worked out that even a small £50 second hand UPS would be good enough to power a telly, fan and a trainer (with a laptop running off its own internal battery).

  • eat the contents of my fridge and drink all my beer rather than use the turbo.

    Do all of that. #bemorehippy

  • hold your horses, the only bike I can use on it is DBAD

  • Kickr Core won't provide any resistance without power.

    As a solution, buy a 12v motorcycle battery and suitable connector cable:

    You'll need a battery charger too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OXFORD-900-AN­NIVERSARY-OXIMISER-UK-BATTERY-CHARGER-MO­TORCYCLE-OPTIMISER/322670322457

    Faff, but not too complicated. Keep battery charged as the Kickr power readings can drift if battery voltage drops too low.

    Bigger battery = more runtime. The one I linked above is fine for 4-5 hours of turboing.

  • At CRC/Wiggle, you can now buy a Tacx Neo2, Neo2T, or a Kinetic R7 direct drive

    Everything else is gone

  • Looks like I'll be back on the stationary horse shortly as I try to avoid any other human being whilst not rocketing to 300kg of wobble.

    I have a Neo2T heading my way (as you say, not a great deal of choice left), so maybe I'll reclaim some of the watts I had in years gone by.

  • Right. Have dug out my ancient, shitty turbo to try to stave off the ever-increasing weight. Obviously no bikes currently fit. I need an adapter for 12mm thru axles, I guess like the Kinetic Traxle or something similar. My weak google-fu can't find any in stock. Anyone have any other types that work?


  • If it's old you sure it's even wide enough to take Thru Axle?

  • What happened to your old turbo? Neo?

  • I've just spent an hour researching Tacx thru axles to allow my wife to use her bike on the Sartori I have. They are about £40 for what is essentially a bolt!

    Don't have this problem with either of my rim brake bikes. DBAD

  • Good question...No. You're right. it's not.
    Hmm. Next plan....

  • I know. Thankfully Hippy just saved me the pain.
    This is what happens when people are at home for too long.

    Now - what about track nuts that will fit. That must be a thing, right?

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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