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  • I'll probably have a Tacx Flux Smart Turbo up for grabs next week. All in working order, complete with cassette, fan and sweat catcher. £350 for the lot or £330 turbo only. Collected from Ham (SW London) if people are interested I'll sort pictures.

  • For a ramp test on Trainer Road having been off the bike some time, is there a consensus if setting your ftp a bit high or a bit low is best prior to the test?

  • If you set it up in a higher FTP it will start higher/get bigger steps. That thing aims to make you explode in about 20-25 regardless of your power.
    I'd just set it up at my previous power unless you been out of the bike for ages.

  • Gonna bite the bullet and buy a turbo trainer early next year... I'll have hopefully about £300-£400 to spend... anything I should avoid like the plague? Thinking Wahoo Kickr Snap or something from Tacx

  • 12 weeks post TCR...
    I’d got up to 300~ from 220 start so I’m thinking maybe set it to 250?

  • Got the turbo out for winter and the bloody thing isn't working properly. If I can't fix it I'm considering either the Kickr Core at around 600 or the Tacx Flux S for around 500. Does anyone have any opinion about which is the better of the two for the money?

  • I’m very happy with my Core. I’ve not used the Tacx.

  • You could pick up my Tacx Flux S for a lot less than £500 :)

    Personally I prefer my current Kickr (not the core version) to the Flux but it is twice the price...

  • I really don't know how quickly fitness get lost, I rarely stay away from the bike more than a week

  • What’s the difference as far as you’re concerned? The core (other than physically) is pretty similar to the older gen Kickr I think

  • Found it to be better in Erg mode, that's pretty much it. Otherwise both work pretty much the same, The Kickr also easier to transport I guess

  • My core has been flawless, very happy with it.

  • So yep. just tested my bkool again with a couple of power meters. The other two agree more or less, the bkool is about 50% less. Given it's consistent I'm hoping that BKool can fix it, if not, it's destined for a skip.

  • I took the direct approach, I contacted the CEO. 10 mins later, support woke up. Lets see if they can fix it

  • Going to punt my Lemond Revolution 2nd gen on if anyone wants?

  • How much you looking for?

  • Back in the sweaty mess, early morning pain game, 2 sessions in 3 days.
    Thinking 2 or 3 weeks and I'll have established the routine.

  • I've no idea what the going rate it. I guess I can check TTforum.
    Welcome to DM me an offer.

  • I’ll have a read up and get back to you. Work is busy at the moment though, so excuse me if I’m slow.

  • Is anyone still using a dumb trainer? I want to check what tyre deformation "should" look like when correctly set up.
    I am doubting my zwift abilities.

  • Anyone want a lightly used Elite Direto? Daddy time has taken over, I doubt I'll have the time to use it in the years to come.

    Comes with its bits and a cyclops wheel riser. Would need picking up from SE12.


  • Giving up on my BKool. Anyone got any idea what's good in the 500-600 range? I can get a Kickr Core for 600 and change, Elite Suito, Tacx Flux S and so on but reading the DCRainmaker comments just confuses the crap out of me as it seems they're all broken out of the box which is clearly not true (I hope).

  • I got one of these a few months ago, and it's been solid

    CycleOps H2 direct drive

    There's a H3 out now which is quieter, depending on how important that it to you

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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