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  • @TheArchitect and @Smallfurry i have a turbo muin 2 it's very quiet, the TTF issue is that it lacks the inertia of the lemond/neo, and it does feel different to riding on the road, but i do 90% of my training on it and find the power i put out on it translates well onto the road in racing, i don't know if i did my training on the options with more inertia would be better but thats my 2p!

  • Picked up a jet black whisper drive for cheaps off the bay! Bring in the pain!

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  • Good size fan.
    Let us know how the jet black is.

  • Theres a main listed locally for 3000nok (300gbp). Kinda tempted.

    But my main priority is feel.......

  • Cheers! Initial test run v positive. Firstly it's very stable, and only a bit wobbly when out of the saddle. It's not exactly a road feel, but the spin down when off the gas is reasonable. I found that resistance level 4 (of 7) with 50-19 at a good cadence equates to about 320 watts. At that speed all I can hear is the fan!

    Resistance level 7 is ridiculous, while 1 still has enough to warm down/up at 100 watts.

  • Finally got myself a laptop that's not totally shit.

    Should i get Zwift? I've got a powermeter and know how to use it, and am able to plan workouts etc etc.

    So i'd be using it more for the entertainment / 'social' thing. Is it actually any good?

  • So i'd be using it more for the entertainment / 'social' thing. Is it actually any good?

    If you're at all competitive, you'll enjoy chasing down random strangers on the internet. This does make it a bit tougher to focus on a structured workout, but not impossibly so.

  • Yeh, i saw that, thanks. I've got strava premium because it makes me feel important, so i get two months on that too

  • For structured workouts, probably not the best platform. For everything else, I really like it now. My winter training is going to involve a lot of hours sitting at tempo and for that it's perfect. I'm tempted to also join some races.

  • For structured workouts, probably not the best platform.


  • You like it for what, like the entertainment and competitive side?

  • I don't know if Zwift still does it, but I liked that if you were doing a structured workout, your rider had a screen in front of them, as if to say "nah m8, I ain't racing today"

  • For me, too many distractions for structured workouts and a limited library of workouts makes TR a better resource.

    Yep, if I only have two hours to ride on a Sunday I'll join a group ride on Zwift that rides at about 3-3.5 Wkg for 2-3 hours. Still dull, but bearable.

  • Had a go on zwift. i had my own workout that i wanted to do but just did a free ride and looked at the screen whilst listening to tunes.

    turned it off after 10mins and reverted to youtube replays of racing.

    couldn't get in to it at all, but i guess that's because i wasn't properly immersed in the experience?

    pretty shite there's no decent music too?! definitely will be listening to my own music if i try again

  • If I get a cheap smart turbo like the Vortex that does a max gradient of 7%, what happens when I hit a steeper gradient on the mountain?

  • Gradient doesn't mean anything when you're static. It'll increase the resistance artificially but won't replicate climbing in any way whatsoever.

  • For that you need extra phone books...

  • Thats OK, its just I have seen lots of the more expensive ones say 15% and wanted to understand the difference but its just how much resistance they apply then, so if it only applies resistance equivalent to 7% then I can just change gear to match the required power output. I understand it won't have me in the same position as climbing

  • Turbo tyre recommendation? I'm currently using some old nameless tyre that squeals and slips, and none of my proper tyres are near death so am happy to just get a dedicated one.

  • I've used trainer tyres from Continental and Vittoria and they've both been fine. Comparatively quiet, long-lasting and don't shed little bits of rubber everywhere. The Vittoria seems to cope a tiny bit better with sudden accelerations, in my experience.

  • Any, whatever you can find cheap.

  • Aight, will pick up a Vittoria on my way home, conveniently in stock at Decathlon for the low low price of £15. Ta

  • Having recently got rid of my old one because I lived in a flat and it was so noisy I've found that now I live in a house it would be kind of useful again (i.e. I am fat).

    Mine was a Cycleops from memory.

    Who does good ones these days? Don't need any fancy functions, just something I can hook up relatively quickly and won't skid around the slate floor.

  • Started getting the turbo rom set up last night. Work commitments and possible future family commitments mean I won't have time to get out on the bike as much as I'd like so indoor training it is.

    So far, set the bike up on the Tacx, fan, got a Trainerroad account and synced laptop and iPad to turbo. All a lot easier than I was expecting.

    I'm just looking at mic stands to get a DCRainmaker iPad setup.

    Planning to do a ftp test tonite to get some rough figures then a few months of base training. Urgh.

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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