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  • My 'pain cave' is occupied by my mother in law 2 nights a week so there's no chance of a permanent set up. She's going today though so I can put up my 'pain is weakness leaving the body' and 'just hang in there' motivational posters again.

    My indoor training top tip: I've recently started wearing one of those string vest baselayers and found it really good at helping me regulate my temperature.

  • That red tyred wheel hanging up is my turbo wheel. It's actually a 48mm deep carbon clincher. Proper swish.

    I melted the rim on a mountain descent so can't use it with brakes anymore.

  • I hope the fan spreads the waft of sweat and pain onto your nicely cleaned and refreshed laundry.

  • Pain is ny scent.

    Watch for it in the stores before Xmas.

    From house of furry

    'You can't bottle success,
    But we've bottled what it takes to get there'

  • Are there particular scent notes that will be buying in the punters?

    'sweat with a twang of coffee breath and tears' perhaps?

  • 'Eu dior God' was the scent produced when the jersey I wore during the TCR was finally run under water.

  • I've combined a few morning turbo sessions with my massive mug of hot black morning coffee a lot recently.

    The sweat volume reaches a whole new level.

  • I just noticed the elite muin 2 is on a big discount at wiggle. Since I already have a powermeter, surly this will do the job?


  • For anyone that has a turbo trainer that can have its resistance level controlled by a laptop / garmin. How does it work exactly? If say the workout has a 300w interval, it increase resistance until you are doing 300 irrespective of your gear / cadence? Does it actively change resistance if say you change gear? What happens if you get tired and can't maintain?

  • Also everyone talked about getting their tacx vortex for 200 quid up thread. Now they are 350. Sad face

  • This was top of my list.

    As I also have a pwoermeter and want direct drive with minimal features, and fluid resistance. So perfect then.

    But then @skinny said it was shit.

    Really pissed on my cornflakes :(

  • Fawkes still have a good price on the Jetblack Whisper.

  • Has @skinny ridden one? Online reviews say the elite is a fluid trainer and near silent, which I really need in my apartment

    prices: elite fluid turbo muin 2= £295
    Jet black whisper = £360

    Does anyone own either of these already?

  • They'll both be quiet. But I Have a decent mag trainer and it sucks the very soul out of my legs.

    Really want fluid.

    Well. What I really want is a lemond.

  • Yep, on mine I tend to leave in one gear and it alters the resistance.

  • My pain cave is the garden. We have bifold doors that open out to the garden and the roof has an overhang. The bike sits under the overhang, and the bifold doors open for me to have direct line of sight to the tv and for a headphone cable to run outdoors. The tacx vortex turbo came with a handlebar mount for the iPhone or iPad which controls the turbo using trainerroad.

  • Been discussed on TT forum a lot. Meant to be poor.

    Try one, you might light it.

  • Computrainer
    Yes, basically
    No, resistance stays at whatever it's programmed. If you pedal faster resistance drops because your wattage is effectively higher.
    If you slow, the resistance increases (since your power is lower) until you stop and it backs the resistance right off.

  • Try one, you might light it.

    If you do, you should get Team Sky to test your power output, you might get a job ;)

  • Sweet, lives up to the "smart" name.

  • Do any of the "smart" turbos that measure power do so by strain gauges? Or do they rely on resistance curves?

  • Computrainer uses an electromagnetic resistance unit so I imagine that would be fairly easy to get accurate wattage from. Dunno anything about all the new-fangled ones.

  • The wahoo kickr v1 does, but they removed it for the v2 because it was less accurate. Their reasoning was that unlike a crank or a wheel, which spins at a relatively low rpm, trainer flywheels are geared up to several thousand rpm.

  • Second question regarding smart trainers being able to control power, can you get the programs to provide resistance off a power meter on the bike instead of the trainers in built one?

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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