Books - What are you reading?

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  • No idea but I give you "Southwark" and a million other examples closer to home :)

  • It’s more that the word comes from the dudes name, but is pronounced differently to how his name is pronounced. Always seemed odd to me.

  • How is his name pronounced? Don "Key hote ay" is how I've been saying it but I've no idea.

  • Because we're English and we didn't win two world wars only to go and learn foreign.

  • Something like that, I think. But quixotic is pronounced ‘quick-sotic’.

  • quix•ot•ic kwĭk-sŏt′ĭk

    " from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition."­7yE­fkg

  • Been a busy few months:-

    Chernobyl by Serhii Plokhy
    Running with the Kenyans and The Rise of the Ultra Runners by Adharanand Finn.
    Endure by Alex Hutchinson plus the one called Cardio or Weights first or something.
    Some random P.G. Wodehouse book for our book club.
    Humble Pi by Matt Parker
    Endless Perfect Circles by Ian Walker

    Now on The Sleeper Awakes by H.G. Wells (read along with The Time Machine and The Chronic Argonauts).

  • I think I might have just realised that I've never heard the word quixotic used aloud. I've only ever read it and read it as "key-otic".

  • Currently reading this. It’s on sky tv but I haven’t watched the program.

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  • Anyone read any Alan Watts? I've listened to a few lectures on YouTube, just wondered which of his books are rated?

  • I read The Way of Zen. From memory it was a good introduction to the subject. This was 20+ years ago.

  • I just finished A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines.

    I'm not sure I want to watch Kes now, it were a bit bleak.

    Interestingly, his epilogue written 30 years later says he wouldn't have written it in dialogue if he were to have written it again - but I thought it were smashin'.

  • Especially compared to reading Dickens try to do northern accents in Hard Times and just end up with completely incomprehensible nonsense.

  • Cheers. Have ordered that and also Wisdom of Insecurity

  • Just picked this up from the local bookshop. Looking forward to it - H is for Hawk is v v good.

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  • I’m only one chapter into H is for Hawk and I’m finding her ‘try hard’ (for want of a better word) writing style a bit grating.

    Will persevere though.

  • Something to keep me occupied for a while

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  • If anybody's interested I am in the process of listing a hoard of books & catalogues on ebay all of them cycling related! Still around 100 more too go.. If you are looking for something specific that's on the topic of cycling let me know, chances are I have it!

    Don't lynch me for the shameless self promotion please :D

  • Has anyone read City of Night by John Rechy, or indeed anything else by him?

  • No but it's been on my to read pile for ages. Picked it up for a very short lived book club but have never got round to it! I can send you my copy if you like? I'd like it back at some point but I'm not in a rush to read it.

  • Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekbäck.......1/4 of the way in ...... a bit ploddy, a bit predictable so far......

  • Yes please. You've got my address still I think.

  • I had a clear out recently but might have a couple of other bits you might be interested in. I'll check when I get home and shoot you a message!

  • First charity shop haul since lockdown. 5 for a fiver. Apart from Primo I know nothing about these authors.

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Books - What are you reading?

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