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  • I had exactly the same thing with Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer. I enjoyed it so much and there were so many unanswered questions that I was desperate to read the 2 sequels. The 2nd book in the series was mind numbingly tedious, almost entirely unrelated to the 1st and quite badly written so I never bothered with the 3rd.

  • Ha, yeah I was going to mention Annihilation - exactly the same experience for me. I’m currently reading Borne and I think I’m about to bail on it

  • There are fans who are going to strenuously disagree with us on this. The fact that a lot of fans really just want more of the same, just with cosmetic changes (and publishers know this), is part of the pressure on authors.

  • I think expecting answers from that series is missing the point a bit but I understand that being the drive to read more. Agree the second was hard work but I really liked how it was written. Third one I enjoyed more. Made it worth reading the second imo.

  • I quite enjoyed the first few Dune prequels (by his son). They tailed off a bit though.

  • Started reading the Falco series for some holiday entertainment. Quite fun, nicely cynical, period detail apparently historically accurate. Onto the third book,a week in, so not taxing.

  • Looking forward to starting this

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  • They've been talking about this on 6 music. Don't know anything About him really so if would be an interesting read

  • I find him as a person interesting and his performances very entertaining.

    Well worth searching his work on YouTube to get a flavour of what he's about.

  • My reading has more or less ground to a halt recently but I'm really enjoying Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. It sort of reads like a mix between Kurt Vonnegut and Bohumil Hrabal. Very funny whilst being incredibly melancholic. It's the first I've read of his but will definitely seek out more.

  • The Shipping Forecast was good, although not her best work.
    Annihilation was ok, but i dont think i will bother with any of the sequels
    Currently on Semiosis by Sue Burke, enjoying it a lot so far
    Next up some Brian Aldiss or Bill Buford

  • Huge range in Aldiss's work, from great stuff like the Helliconia Trilogy or Hothouse to utter shite like Dracula Unbound.

  • I have part 1 of helliconia, it looks a bit dated, but we will see

  • the first I've read of his but will definitely seek out more.

    I went from 'Everything...' to his next novel where he does some kind of schtick by writing himself as a fictional person traveling back to his grandparent's home village in Ukraine. Was quite disappointed.

    What are the best Proulx books? I have Shipping Forecast on my to-do list, but would be happy to re-shuffle my priorities a bit.

  • I liked Postcards and then Accordion Crimes from her novels, and Wyoming Stories from her short stories. The latter includes Brokeback Mountain.

  • tbh all the Proulx are good, I'd just read all of them!

    I'm getting through this at the moment:

    Its great. beautifully written.

  • Any suggestions for decent fantasy novels? Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson, David Gemmell, David Eddings style of thing. (Not Glen Cook which is often recommended but I didn't really like for some reason.)

    This seems to be an area which is just full of shit on Amazon now. New authors with glowing reviews, from what I assume are their mates, but read like they were done by a child.

  • Currently on Semiosis by Sue Burke, enjoying it a lot so far

    Ive been recommending this to anyone who'll listen recently. Really enjoyed both books - hope you do too!

    Heliconia is fantastic IMO. Certainly some dated bits, but the scope is mind-boggling.

  • There is a new Abercrombie series, 2nd one's just come out I think.

    Have you read Ruin of Kings by jenn Lyons? That was pretty good.

    I'm guessing you've also ticked off Name of Wind and Wise Man's fear by Patrick rothfuss?

    Last thing that pops to mind, Earthsea Quartet by Ursela Le Guin.

    As an absolute wild card, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is excellent, if a slow start for most people.

  • Raymond Feist Magician?

  • N. K. Jemisin - The Fifth Season
    The whole series is ace in my opinion. Not sure it fits in with those you have listed but still worth a google to see if the reviews sound tempting.

    Im now going to see about adding something from your list of authors to my 'to read' pile. As I agree most fantasy is terribly written, so always looking out for recommendations.

  • N. K. Jemisin - The Fifth Season

    Really enjoyed this series. Very absorbing

  • I second the Earthsea books. Fantastic
    I also really enjoyed Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell a lot.

  • Another vote for NK Jemisin. Also read The Malazan Book of the Fallen if you want a seriously meaty series of books, Erikson is unmatched in imagination and world-building IMO.

    I also think it's worth reading all the Conan stories, but maybe I'm in the minority there.

  • Second the Norrell and Strangd suggestion, beast of a book. Have a signed copy of her follow up as next to read.

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Books - What are you reading?

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