Books - What are you reading?

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  • +1 for Papillon

  • I thought Wendy Craig wasn't up to much but Geoffrey Palmer is always worth watching.

  • Halfway through and a great read.

  • Thanks, will give it a go at some point!
    Just finished As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee, enjoyed it a lot, as I did with A Moment Of War when I read that a few months ago. I've got Cider With Rose lined up to finish off reading the (sort of) trilogy in reverse order.

  • Any suggestions for sci-fi, particularly space operas in the vein of the Deathstalker series, etc. With the Kindle self-publishing this is one of the areas that seems to have a lot of tat.

    Also, suggestions for fairly light swords and sorcery, David Eddings style? Cheers

  • Raymond Feist on the second point, even if you don't want to commit to such a long series, the first book, Magician is a great read and worth exploring if you like fantasy

  • Joe Abercrombie.

  • I walked out’ is one of my favourite books.

    Sorely tempted to walk/ride the route

  • I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The writing is just so good.

  • Second vote for Joe Abercrombie. Also Patrick Rothfuss and Scott Lynch.

  • Cheers for the suggestions. Obviously good ones as I've read (and reread) and enjoyed all of Joe Abercrombie and Raymod Feist's stuff.

    I've not read either of the other two so will look into them. Looking at my Kindle it seems I bought the first Gentleman Bastard book 6 years ago but never read it.

    Also, any suggestions in the fantasy/real world genre. Rivers of London, Benedict Jacka, Steve McHugh, Dresden files, that kind of jazz. It seems to be hugely popular now but a load of them are cheapo Amazon bollocks.

  • This caught my eye somewhere on twitter today, struck me to say the least, so I ordered the book from a 2nd hand shop. Has anyone on here read it?

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    • vonnegut - galapagos.png
  • Obvious one is Neil Gaiman if you haven't read any of his stuff

  • Cheers but I've read quite a bit of his stuff. Should really have included him in my list.

  • For intelligent space opera, Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkorsigan series?

  • I enjoyed Galapagos when I read it last year. I'm pretty hit and miss with Vonnegut but that's one of his better ones in my opinion!

  • Worth mentioning that the post apocalyptic slant is almost totally irrelevant to the majority of the book!

  • Have you read much other Vonnegut?

  • @ltc None, not even Slaughterhouse five. Actually I have hardly been reading any books over the past 10 years or so, too much news, stories, social nonsense & bike info on the web... So it's high time I take a break from staring at screens ;-)

  • For trashy stuff I really do rate Steve McHugh, perfect escapism for me...

  • Ah ok! Galapagos probably isn't where I'd start with Vonnegut but if you read that and like it you'll probably enjoy things like Slaughterhouse 5 and Mother Night.
    Now's as good a time as any to take a break from staring at screens and try and detach from the outside world occasionally!

  • Glen Cooke's Black Company series is something I've been enjoying. Unfortunately only the first three are available for kindle in the UK for some reason but physical copies of the rest can be found on Amazon etc.

  • Never heard of her. Any particular book/series you suggest starting on?

    @user55129 I read the first of these a few years ago and was undecided. How are the later books?


  • I've read the first of the Gentleman Bastard books. It was OK. Not JA / RF level.

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Books - What are you reading?

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