Books - What are you reading?

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  • Ha, I'm guilty of buying books which I tell myself I'll read on holiday but most of my holidays are bikepacking tours - no room for heavy books!

  • Kindle for bikepacking tours?

    I don't like e-readers, much prefer a physical book, but if the choice is e-reader or nothing then I'd be swayed to use one.

  • I do have a very early generation Kindle somewhere - that one with the keyboard. Is certainly a possibility if it'd fit in the side of a framebag.

  • I make a point of having a book by the bed and read something from it every night. Then I'll take others on holiday and get good chunks done on flights but then struggle when I return to normal life. I don't take the Tube so much, rather I work from home so that cuts out a bunch of reading time too. Oh well.

  • I really miss the reading time I don’t get due to working from home. I used to get through so many books when I commuted by train. Plus I could actually read proper books whereas now I only have time to read in bed. My wife can’t handle me having a light on so it’s a backlit kindle or nothing :-/

  • I'm a 'proper book' guy. I only use the Kindle app on my phone when I'm on the Tube going out and have no paper-based reading material. It might've taken me three years to finish Tale of Two Cities this way but I got it done.

  • I always used to be a proper book guy, but unfortunately it seems to be kindle or not read anything these day. I've even stopped browsing the paperbacks in charity shops. I think this summer will be the first time we'll be able to go camping or whatever and the kids will be old enough to just knob around the campsite without too much overseeing: I'm giddily excited about the prospect of sitting in a camping chair with a real book (and probably nodding off after a couple of pages).

  • I'd struggle to get any reading done at all if I stuck to paper books. Kindle is always with me.

  • I've even stopped browsing the paperbacks in charity shops.


    That's always been one of my favourite things since I found a second hand bookstore in my home town as a kid. I still wander into Oxfams over here whenever I see one and often pick something up.

  • I don't get why carrying a book is harder than carrying a kindle? I'd be more worried about breaking the kindle.

  • Kindles are fucking tough. Books get all shitty and dog eared. And the only books I can slip in my jacket pocket or the rear pocket on my rack bag are slim, achingly hip literary books with big margins and lots of poetry strewn about.

    Not that I don't like those, but I'd be bankrupt fairly rapidly if that's all I read

  • For me its purely the reading in bed in the dark thing. I got a backlit kindle and actually I've found it totally fine reading in darkness, just with the backlight. No complaints about not being able to sleep from Elle - everyones happy.

    I've quite often finished one book of a series, bought the next and then carried on straight away, which is pretty great to be able to do all while lying in bed.

  • Also you can read a kindle one handed, which is very useful if you want to sip a beer or pick your nose or something. And yeah, great backlight for those dingy pubs or sleepless nights.

  • Yeah - I remember a fair bit of baby in one hand, kindle in the other, in the early days of our youngest. I seem to remember using my nose to turn back a page on more than on occasion too.

  • I have a bedside light and a partner that can sleep through a rave...

  • I have big hands so that one-handed thing isn't an issue. :)

    Nose-picking, beer drinking away!

  • I'd love to have a big bookshelf and stacks of real books but unfortunately it would be a bit much of a luxury for me.

  • This series is really handy for having something to keep in a pocket. Some interesting stuff and only £1 a go.

  • ooh, very nice. Thanks!

  • On the Kindle chat, I've never had one but was thinking it might be useful for travelling. I'm sure my mum has an old one that she never uses, might try and pinch it from her.
    I never really hold on to books when I've read them anyway, unless it's something really special. I do enjoy the act of passing on something to a friend that I think they'll like though.

  • I have read all the Planetfall books now, love that series

  • I'm probably just being really bad at using Google so asking for some help! I want to buy a copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep in German as a gift for a friend. The only edition I can find has a really horrible cover(see below). If somebody with better Google Fu than me can find a copy of "Träumen Androiden von elektrischen Schafen?" with a nicer cover I would be very grateful and would make a donation to the forum!

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  • I'd doubt that's the original book--Blade Runner is a total re-write that doesn't have too much to do with DADoES?.

    It seems the (older) German edition went by "Träumen Roboter von elektrischen Schafen?" (The title sounds rubbish in both versions in German. :) )

    I don't know if you find this cover preferable, but it seems to be the main edition sold on-line (mainly on a certain site I won't link to):

  • Having said that, this seems to have been the original German edition from 1969:­oter2.html

  • Ah I didn't realise it was a rewrite, I'd assumed it was just a rebranded edition to tie in with the film! Thanks for that, will make that donation!

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Books - What are you reading?

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