Books - What are you reading?

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  • The Melrose thing is pretty fucking savage.

    Especially when you realise it was autobiographical.

  • The Border Trilogy & Blood Meridian are recent reads which I've found to be superb.

    What should I read by Mccarthy now or any other recommendations for similar authors?

  • I'm on a real Sci-fi binge at the moment.
    Any new stuff I should check out? Post-Apocalyptic / dystopian future stuff preferred.

  • Really like all the pretty horses by Mccarthy. It’s a book that goes through the gears

    Avoid the film

  • No Country For Old Men and The Road are well worth a read!

  • Have you read Annihilation? The book the Natalie Portman film is very loosely based on. I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Suttree. Bit off his usual beaten track but really showcases the lyricism of his prose. Was the first of his books I read: I went on to read about 80% of his work as a result.

  • Sea of Rust is good. Also Children of Time.

  • Thanks @ltc, @Alf0nse, @Eejit for the recommendations.

  • @ltc @aggi
    Thanks for those. I'll check them all out.

  • +1 to both of these

  • I just finished and enjoyed ‘Semiosis’.

    Some interesting ideas regarding humans settling on another planet and living amongst its flora and fauna. It’s actually got a lot of post-apoc / dystopia parallels because most of it is set a few generations after the initial settlers and the technology they came with is largely broken or not understood any more.

  • Cool thanks. I'll add that to my list too.

  • I've recently enjoyed 84K, The Three Body Problem trilogy and ElevenEves.

  • Laughter and forgetting was my fave at the time
    Left me with some useful life long rules for living.

    Now readinr Why Dylan Matters by Richard F Thompson a Harvard Classics Proff..

    A read not only for Bobcats but people interested in defining literature, good literature and classic literature.

    (and don't moan about his voice Oliver there's a thread for that :)

  • Planetfall books by Emma Newman are good sci fi, been enjoying those recently

  • "Rabbit, Run" by John far so good.

  • I’m going to give that a go next as it happens

  • Just started reading Full Tilt by Dervla Murphy, enjoying so far! My girlfriend has recommended it before.

  • Another vote for 3 body problem.
    Also the Paolo Bacigalupi books, The water knife, and Wind Up Girl. I enjoyed them, found them both to be page turners, but I can see that they are not for everyone.

  • Just finished reading Another Day of Life by Ryszard Kapuściński. Would recommend. It's a non fiction account of the decolonisation of Angola by Portugal and the conflict and power struggle that surrounded it. It's journalism but his writing style is great, it reads like literature.

  • The trouble with Kapuściński is that some of it is literature. I've enjoyed his books but he's not a reliable narrator.

  • No, probably not! To be honest I didn't really go into it expecting to be significantly more informed of the ins and outs of the conflict in Angola. Did enjoy his narration of his personal experience though.

  • Poverty Safari was good.
    The Order of the Day was very very good. Really liked the writing.

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  • Life and Times of Michael K


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Books - What are you reading?

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