Books - What are you reading?

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  • Ive tried the hyperion stuff and couldnt get into it. Think i might give it another go though as its been a while.

  • Was it the lpotl one?

  • I've not read the Michael McBride stuff but Michael Crichton seems somewhat similar, some of his books were pretty decent.

    I've struggled a bit with decent, light sci-fi, a lot of it is a bit shit. I enjoyed the Deathstalker series by Simon R Green when I read it a few years back and Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan (although the first book was by far the best).

    The David Wong stuff was pretty entertaining as is Ernest Cline (Ready Player One)

  • This­_Party_(1992_film)
    is the best Donner party documentary though I don't know if it is available any more.

  • there's a fillum?

    who knew!

  • It's a pity the Donner party isn't better known about in the UK since it's currently such a useful reference.

  • i for one am looking forward to washing down my boiled child femur paste with a steaming hot mug of sovereignty.

  • ha!

    i'm listening to the Ordre du Temple Solaire series at the moment. shit's fucking WILD. Hard to imagine this all went down as recently as 1997.

    the Peter Kuklinski series is mind blowing as well.

    hey ho. podcast thread etc.

  • Late reply, but just seen this. If you’re happy with dramatisations of books, rather than straight audiobooks the BBC radio app has loads of great stories. Everything from “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” to “day of the Triffids” to Bronte and Dickens

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel........very good!

    Now onto The Beetle.....weird so far!

  • Have you read any early Rudy Rucker?

    I've just read the first two Ware books (Software & Wetware) and found them very enjoyable.

  • That's a good tip! Will give them a go. I'm going to be driving a lot for the next week so good timing.

  • I loved Day of the Triffids, reading the title reminded me that I borrowed (lent?) my copy out to an exchange student friend of mine and that it is now gone home with them. :(

  • I’m not sure Wyndham ever bettered it imo. I’ve really liked others of his, but Triffids just seems like him firing on all cylinders.

  • Never heard of him. Only a couple of quid on Kindle so I'll give them a try. Cheers

  • You're welcome, the first two I've mentioned both won the Philip K. Dick Award.

  • Decided to reread my copy of 'these are the days that must happen to you' by dan walsh to inspire my motorcycle adventures this year only to discover i loaned it to my brother in law who's put it somewhere safe. git.

    Time to hammer my amazon account i suppose, more annoyed than anything as it was a well thumbed copy a friend gave me when i was losing faith in ever having stupid adventures again.

  • Can someone recommend something upbeat? I need to perk myself up.

  • Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy? I was skeptical at before starting it but it was laugh out loud funny

  • Have read and do massively enjoy. Normally my go to but I've not long finished re reading.

  • A Confederacy of Dunces?

  • A Confederacy of Dunces?

    Sure that's going to perk someone up that's used to reading about Brexit and Trump?

  • any PG Wodehouse

  • This Is Going to Hurt? I keep seeing people on the train laughing out loud reading it

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Books - What are you reading?

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