Books - What are you reading?

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  • Malet St Waterstones has shelves full of vintage penguins. I got myself two green Maigrets to add to my expanding collection.

  • I've read all the George Pelacanos books now. I really like them. Anything similar I should move on to?

  • Very slow reply but the secret race by Tyler Hamilton about lance Armstrong and the US postal team is a brilliant listen

  • Tim Wu - The attention merchants

    Will have you deleting your social media accounts in 2 chapters.­ec/26/the-attention-merchants-tim-wu-rev­iew

  • Ta.

    As far as Audible is concerned I quite enjoyed:
    Michael Lewis on Kahneman and Tversky
    Eric Schlosser on nuclear weapons (The narrator can get a bit annoying)

    The much hyped audible production about Bernie Maddoff was a huge dissappointment

  • The much hyped audible production about Bernie Maddoff was a huge dissappointment

    No sure if I can be bothered to listen to ep 2. IS it worth persevering with? It's no S-town.

  • I picked up 'Terminal World' by Alastair Reynolds in a charismatic shop a while back and gave it a go. A few good ideas and scenes, but generally was quite underwhelmed. Have just started 'Revelation Space' on the Kindle (don't like kindle reading, but it's so much easier for me at the moment for various reasons) and it's interesting to see how his style and approach clicks so much better in a full-on space opera setting. It's satisfyingly absorbing and immersive after a few chapters, where Terminal world promised lots but never really got its claws into me.

    Edit: I mean 'charity' shop, but I think I like the typo better!

  • Nah, don't bother.

    The Audible team make a very big deal about getting the story from the horse's mouth, by way of a phone interview from prison. Blatantly trying to echo the tense dynamic of the first season of Serial. But Maddoff is a slippery fuck and you're left with very little insight beyond the facts known already through media.

  • Will delete. Plenty more things to listen to.


  • I'm really enjoying this (booky) podcast:­odcast/

  • I'm reading Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit at the moment.
    It's really has boosted my hope in the future after Brexit and the election and all that business.

  • After becoming hooked on the TV adaptation im reading The Handmaids Tale. So far its excellent.

  • Not seen the TVs adaptation yet (wife in early stages of pregnancy - probably not the best thing to watch!). Loved the book. Especially the world it describes - there's a little touch of the surreal and hypnagogic there that I really enjoyed.

  • Probably a good call! I am very much enjoying the style of the book. Its very economic with its language.

  • I'm looking for recommendations, I've got no idea what I want though! I find I just end up reading a few books by the same author when I get stuck for ideas of what to read, so trying to avoid that. Authors I've enjoyed reading recently include Bukowski, Hubert Selby Jr, Ian Banks, William Burroughs, Graham Greene. Anyone willing to take a punt on suggesting something?

  • As you like Bukowski, I say John Fante and Hunter S Thompson.

  • My favourite book ever is 'The Third Policeman' by Flann O'Brien. A lesser-known modern classic which is utter genius. Bicycles feature a fair bit but you've never heard anyone else write like he does about them.

  • Paul Auster, Ian McEwen, James Ellroy, James Baldwin, George Pelecanos

  • Magnus Mills, co-sign on Auster

  • Ah, my girlfriend did her dissertation on the representation of bicycles in "The Third Policeman"!

  • That's awesome! Can I read it?

  • Yup, 3rd Policeman is absolute must read. Explains why people find me occasionally leaning with my elbow against walls in the middle of the night.

    Got 2 books on the go atm, Bukowsky Post Office. Accessible writing as hus firs book. The enslavement of work in our modern society how to deal with it with various sybaritic distractions.

    And Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson. History if football tactics -WM FTW

  • 62% through Infinite Jest.

    Things are starting to happen.

  • Loved Willard and His Bowling Trophies, now on to Trout Fishing in America. Much less hectic side of 60 beat(ish) writing. Joyful

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Books - What are you reading?

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