Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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  • Are the spokes soldered/taped/heatshrunk together?

    What’s the advantage to doing this?

  • Tied and soldered. Analysis shows no material benefit under normal conditions, but it can keep a broken spoke from stabbing you in the leg.

  • ^That.

    Done because it is/was thought to create a stiffer wheel but actually doesn't make any difference. Common on (track) tandems.

    These tandem training wheels are quite interesting actually, a wide (I'm presuming 130 or 135mm) spaced rear hub, flip flop double fixed. It was unbranded, looked like it could be small batch custom. The rear I looked at last night was 48 spoke and the rim was a Mavic one that looked very much like it was from a wheelset, like it said Aksium, or Ksyrium or something on it. I wondered if was a 24h rim that'd been drilled between each spoke hole to make it into a 48h but all the holes were eyeletted and the eyelets all appeared the same and factory.

    Edit: Hadn't realised the front rim was so visible in the shot I posted tonight. Rear rim on the other tandem is also a Ksyrium SL but was definitely 48h.

  • Looks like a Dedacciai logo on MAX fork?

  • The D will be for Dolan.

  • Have their normal aero forks been judged outside UCI geometry regulations perhaps?

  • Spoke tying and soldering is a very old hangover from penny farthings, where it actually did some good. Those were long spokes.

  • Could be that.

    I know they had problems fitting Mavic discs in the back of these tandems, the wheels were too lenticular and clashed with the chain/seat stays. Might have been a work around to fit a Mavic in the front and they could make do with a flatter disc (Corima/Zipp) in the rear.

  • A weightweenies special

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  • Keen to see a higher quality photo of the paint

  • Regarding the paint job it is done by my wife: raw frame sprayed with "red coral" transparent paint and a chromium marks painted over by her. Later finished with automotive clear coat.­/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=170046&start=15

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  • Mate compliment her. The job is amazing.

  • I dig the paintjob, not so much the rest of the bike. A paintjob like that calls for a hhsrb Mad Max looking bike

  • Thanks. Yeah I like the paint

  • Not a very weight weenie build, innit?

  • Lots of excellent non-weenie builds on WW.

  • Next you're going to tell me there are bikes with gears on LFGSS!

  • From a distance the paint doesn’t look too bad (the seatpost paint and saddle angle are another matter) but up close it’s a bit of a hot mess.

  • lol, well if you look at it that way... they probably take the discussions on cycling commentary a lot lighter though.

  • This was front page of the Merlin website, the downtube shape looks to be recoiling in horror at its own reflection

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  • It’s the bike equivalent of “distressed” jeans, pre worn out with holes & stains. This is just pre ridden in to a tree.

  • 🇱🇹

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Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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