Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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  • It is an 80cc bicycle engine kit one can find new on eBay for £75 mated to an old bike. That might be fun project to build, but I would rather explore e-bike conversions that are legal to ride on the road.

    Yeah, certainly less likely to lose your cock and balls there.

  • Courtesy of insta. I mean, it's a'pedal assist' bike, so maybe it could be worse, but it looks like it's bloody expensive, so I feel it qualifies...

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  • every 36er can just fuck right off.

  • Whoever did that Cannondale probably thinks that having the stem line up with the hoods is "neat".

  • The horror.

  • NDS pic the icing on the cake of clueless.

    Hope that Klein finds a good home one day

  • I'm not sure it's possible to take a drive side photo of a mountain bike.

  • Tyres look wrong. But at resolution of the pic it appears a period build or survivor .. people raced on Aerospoke MTB wheels back in the day

  • The horror

    Yup, those sweet Aerospokes deserve better than to be attached to that puke-inducing Klein

  • Somehow this showed on my IG:

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  • BITD when it was all about MTBs, I was one of the 307 people who weren't interested and knew road bikes were where it's at...

    Hence my assumption that Aerospokes on a MTB amounted to noob fail rather than period correctness... The hideous choice of white rather than black also seemed to indicate not stock, along with the tyres of course.

    Curious as to the point of fitting aero monocoque wheels to a MTB, if it was anything beyond faddish bling?

  • Gotta disagree on both counts; there's nothing sweet about doing Aerospokes in white (well, maybe on a TT or track bike), and IMO that Klein could look pretty tits on proper wheels against an outdoor background.

  • There were a lot of "innovations" that seemed like a good idea at the time .. exotic wheels you had Tioga disk wheel, Hed Ringle, Spengle, Spinergy etc

  • I had a pair on my old trek, I did it because I was ‘COOL’ but it was a lot easier to clean and I never had bits of brush/undergrowth stuck in my spokes. So it was win win.

  • .

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  • Curious as to the point of fitting aero monocoque wheels to a MTB, if it was anything beyond faddish bling?

    I think Spin were more common than spoks, but in either case the point was wheels which wouldn't go out of true rather than aero gainz

  • Gotta disagree

    You're entitled to your opinion being wrong. I'm not entirely against some of the #sickfadez Kleins, but that one is just rank

  • If you insist. That last pic is pretty mint, even though I can't stand the sight of modern drivetrains

  • Aw that's gotta be one of my fav cranksets

  • Not sure where to put this?

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  • Functional thread >>>>>

  • I've seen them about a few times! Always has some tunes on the go.

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Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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