Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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  • Are you talking about how close the cable is to the tyre? I would be a little, does it touch when you pull the brake?

    IIRC the only way to get 25s in a propel is to get the fouriers aftermarket brakes

  • I know right? Those "tool bottles" are horrible.

  • Black socks are nothing to be ashamed of.

  • now appearing in the correct thread: "The Emperor's New Clothes"

  • ?

    Make it few sizes bigger and I'd ride it, happily.

  • I'd ride it too, but that doesn't make it less pwhoaaarfugly.

  • both are ancient wheels, i have cages i just posted it prematurely out of excitement for the build and no its fixie i just kept the chain guard because it has a cool inscribe on it of “333” used red loctite instead of a lockring! !

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  • The fucking rear mech jockey wheels. Marginal fucking wankery

  • yes. also the first point of contact for any shit that the tyre picks up. Just seems like such a stupid design. It looked like it was >1mm from touching. (spotted on commute btw) haha not my vibe.

  • It's a show bike, it doesn't have to make sense in a way.
    Saying that, as much as I respect Cyfac craftsmanship and history I have been a bit baffled with a lot of their recent stuff. They appear to need a product manager and a clearer direction.

  • But who are they showing it to? Pro team adventure riding touring racers? Don’t they know Lachlan Morton already gets his bikes for free?

  • rear mech jockey wheels

    Wouldn't want to lose half a watt on your metal bike with mudguards, two racks, two storage compartments and 38mm tyres, would you?

  • It was built for the Concours de Machines IIRC. It's not like they have paid for it.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I think a lot of the stuff on that bike is dumb, but it's from a company with a very rich history and a real know-how. They've always build good bikes but now they're trying to catch-up with trends and to open up to a more diverse market. Rather clumsily in that occasion.

  • From le-reddit. It's a bog standard "custom" with obnoxius paint with love from WYNDYMILLA in Surrey.

    I like fadez but this together with that Outrun-esque stupid AF brandname logo is just pushing it into anti for me.

    Someone will probably post it somewhere else.

  • Shiiiit... It's a box set of Miami Vice on wheels...

  • Wyndymilla delivering the anti goods for the nth time. So rank.

  • I’d love to have been at the meeting where they settled on that fucking stupid name. Mostly cos I’m assuming there was a lot of decent chang in the room.

  • Maybe if it had a bell that played Ocean loader 2

  • I’d like that if it didnt have the graphics and details on the headtube.

  • It's just a matter of taste...

  • It’s the stem which makes it fully anti for me. A ‘normal’ black stem would make it ugly but not anti personally.

  • What the smeg is going on at the back of that bike? A vestigial remnant of a mudguard, a rack specially placed to wildly increase the bike's centre of gravity, and a very inconveniently placed storage box. How did any of that seem like a good idea?

  • It's like NAHBS had a go at making a hybrid e-bike with the wheelbase of a beach cruiser

  • Instantly fell in love...
    Only few spacers away from porn

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Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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