Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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    Bog standard BP with a Blooks? not my cuppa but hardly anti...

  • It was here because the silly little blunt put it in porn.

  • Why was he not publicly flayed?

    This post reallocation is clearly too subtle a form of punishment for such an cretinous imbecile.

  • Bike choice seems to be down to either

    1. Personal preference
    2. Financial resources
    3. Gets the job done

    But you got to recognise that the bike probably reflects its owner too.

  • deep.

  • I quite like that. Carpet on stairs always wears out, gloss can be repaired easily. The black and red steps work well with the yellowish walls. Would climb.

    top marks for colour coordiantion between frame and stair set.
    The mustard of the cabinet picks out the inside of the forks something devine.

    rather lovely teasing shade-play between doorframe, wall paint and tiles.
    coordination of the kind you could spot at only very few of the finest connoisseurs out there.

    Thanks guys, living in and old house, 1870 :)
    But what exactly is anti about my bike? I know it's not porn or HHSB, but anti is a bit harsh, especially since it isn't finished.

  • I don't think the vig is anti. Although for some reason the front wheel doesn't sit well for me. (SHOCK!!)

  • Well the frameset is new so haven't cut the steerer yet (trying some spacer combinations). Also searching a Thomson stem.

    When I've saved enough I will buy a frontwheel just like the rear one (DA 7710 hub to kinlin rim).

  • it's a really nice frame

  • Are you abandoning the dressed naked "luck"?

  • Nope, Abandoned my Concorde Roadbike. Will build up the steel one with some porteurs and a nice rolls + some cheap fixed wheels.

  • Crazy when you switch over to alu after a steel track frame though huh, feel so much quicker.

  • True that! Plus that this frame fits me better (although it doesn't look like it). Steel one is too long (so porteur bars are the only thing left to do I think)

  • Thanks guys, living in and old house, 1870 :)
    But what exactly is anti about my bike? I know it's not porn or HHSB, but anti is a bit harsh, especially since it isn't finished.

    I am a serious bike snob, so the risers, stickers and plastic wheel, all immediately scream anti to me, it also happens to be a fairly ugly frame. And the crankset looks cheap.

    Unlike the two following posts, I was being completely serious about liking your stairs. I wish I had some stairs to paint. I think they more than make up for your horrid bike, which I hope you continue to enjoy riding despite my narrow minded, ill-informed and spiteful comments.

  • william, please post some pictures of your bikes, in fact send them to bikesnobnyc for appraisal too

  • why? would it be funny?

  • This is/was (can't figure, no mroe recent posts of his bikes..) william's... not anti but not exactly anything fannytastic...

    For a serious bike snob, you have some pretty interesting choices for contact points...

  • cockpit needs rebuilding, stem is too long, modern brifters are ugly, white seatpost and tape dont work, ultegra group is ugly, wheels are too modern...

    By snob I meant 'judgemental', not 'owner of the perfect bike'. Apologies for any confusion.

    (^btw it rides beautifully up to about 80k but isn't what I take out for the 1200mile trips)

  • oops well spotted Wayne.
    Didn't notice when I shot it. The bike is very nice though, not my type but well put together and extremely light! I guess a brakeless hardcore geometry track frame would have made no sense for the Richard James customer. This is more likely to be bought by some fit City guy with too much money to burn.

    looks like its going to say ''designed though a unique...'' so it might not be a typo

  • One of the new guys at work just got one of these with his first pay cheque, poor guy.

    he was so happy with it as well, the damn thing hurts my eyes just looking at it, colours are much brighter in person! just hope his taste in bikes changes for the better in time. But at least he's riding a bike so hay ho, off to work we go...

  • I always liked when black comes with red color, not sure about this...

  • I have no doubts.

  • Hmm I must stop defending my own bike, and I have to respect your opinion. But the cranks are DA 7600, I've used them for 4k km's orso. They don't look cheap..

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Bike Anti-Porn - When Things Go Wrong

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