Coffee Appreciation

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  • You and me bro, this time next year

  • I’ve a wood stove and rights to gather a fagot weighing up to 12kg a day from the nearby forest. So I’ll be fine for boiling enough for my bripe.

    Seems more appropriate.

  • I'm there. How do I get to Chingford again?

  • From your’s, head north west until you’re in the sea.

  • What's the route like?

  • I misjudged my subscription and have run out. What are the best/least bad coffee beans from Sainsbury’s/Tesco’s to tide me over until next week please?

  • 12kg a day

    Imperial unit, surely?

  • I recently ran out of my regular supply and my wife got me some Tesco own brand beans.

    They are disgusting and should never be drunk.

  • If you cba to check roast dates in Sainsbury i often find I can get something fairly recent.

  • I got this from Satellite in Morzine, it's actually a much more interesting and complex espresso from my grubby lever machine than I had in the shop, although thinking about it they may have simply recommended this one, but used another:

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  • From Sainsburys/Tesco:
    Lavazza gold - medium
    Lavazza black - medium/dark
    Starbucks - dark

    They all pull acceptable shots at home and just need grinding a bit finer than normal. Would avoid their own brands tbh.

    Whittard Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is pretty good if you want a lighter roast off the shelf.

  • Thanks guys!

  • Starting a new job in a couple of weeks, the only source of coffee currently is a free vend machine that pours out undrinkable warm coloured water.

    So thinking of getting a Moccamaster KBG for the office as it's mainly my team based there and it seems a bit more social than just making my own french press.

    Any reason why this would be a bad idea?

  • Should be good, just be aware that people (the main thing wrong with the world) will leave the jug empty on the hotplate and it will break so budget for a few replacements.

  • Exactly that. One place I worked we got an average life of about 3 weeks from a jug before some clumsy moron smashed it.

    With the moccamaster you could just get the thermos jug model; don't really want to keep heating the coffee anyway

  • Get the thermal carafe one to prevent that ^

    Also, if you supply the good coffee, they will be replaced with pre ground shit from the supermarket (maybe)

  • good points; thanks.

    i was considering the thermos version, hadn't factored the empty jug on hotplate scenario which does swing things in favour of the thermos.

  • From what I remember, people said that the coffee goes a bit rank on the machines with a heated plate, and the ones with a thermos are preferable.

  • My wife picked up some beans from Cambridge market today. Super excited to try them tomorrow

  • Left the handle for my timemore c2 at an airbnb while working away. FOR FUCKS SAKE.

    The spindle measures 5.30mm according to my callipers. 7/32 inch is 5.56mm, so rather than fork out £20 for a replacement handle, I'm going to attempt to use a 7/32 socket, perhaps with some PTFE tape to bulk it out. And then hopefully the airbnb owner will be able to return the handle.

    V csb.

  • Lavazza gold was a good stop gap. Thanks!

  • What does the hive mind use to descale their espresso machines? Mine should have come with some but I realised too late it wasn’t in the box so I’m not sure what I should be using

  • Puly descaler (not detergent!). Pretty sure it’s just citric acid though, which can be obtained far more economically when not sold as descaler.

  • Just a tub of regular anhydrous citric acid will do the job. Also worth picking up some Cafiza (or similar) for general cleaning (breaking down coffee oils as opposed to descaling)

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Coffee Appreciation

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