Coffee Appreciation

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  • Just going back to the gaggia mdf. I did see on another forum (that’s right I use other forums) someone 3D printed a should to go from bottom of the grinder to the base of the hopper to make it dose less

  • Tried a bunch of stuff to improve the channeling but biggest difference seems to have been a puck screen. Should have just listened to @Sumo in the first place haha

    Shots have been much more balanced and I've gone significantly coarser on the grind size with the screen

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  • Tried this app today in Bristol, took me to 3 closed coffee shops and one that didn’t exist, lol.

  • Should have just gone to FCP

  • Lol you’re welcome!

    I guess it’s not managed as well these days then.

  • Yeah what’s happened to that app? I dug it out for the first time in about 5 years, my area now includes every cafe that maybe uses speciality beans and offers avo toast.

  • Lol, tbf the first two picks looked banging and were closed unexpectedly. C’est la vie.

  • That app used to be great. Think it was a subscription model? But clearly they never found a way to grow it sustainably now looks like maybe someone supports it on the side. Shame as I used it loads

  • a friend is looking to replace his espresso setup and i'm trying to convince him to not go down the sage route - anyone got a gaggia classic or similar for sale?

  • There was a europiccola for sale here somewhere. Maybe a bit niche?

  • Can you freeze roasted coffee beans?

  • used it all the time pre covid, think the proliferation of new cafe’s means it’s hard to keep up.
    i was in Mayfair on Monday and opened the app as it had been ages since i had been in that part of town, nothing nearby showing so just kept walking and noticed ‘Shot Coffee’ so crossed over the road and tried the house espress0 as most of the menu was rare speciality and £8-£12 a shot. turns out they have been open for a year so the app isn’t keeping up.

    coffee was good and after chatting with the barista and namedropping (i shoot for caffeine magazine) i got a black honey villa esperanza spro’ on the house which was sublime.
    would definitely visit again if in the area.

  • Yes. I often freeze mine if I have a coffee subscription backlog. No noticeable quality difference.

  • I read a news story that coffee production has gone down significantly in Brazil due to poor weather, so might stock up to avoid any price increases.

  • Sounds like a good excuse to get a small roaster and have a nice big 20kg backlog of green beans stored at home!

  • isn't that the behaviour that causes every single petrol shortage? Mick are you a petrol hoarder too? how much toilet paper do you have left from the start of the pandemic?

  • It’s more to save money, should the price go through the roof. In the grand scheme of things it’s probably not comparable with the great toilet paper shortage of 2021

  • I’m fairly sure the likes of Nescafé will have stocked up/pre-bought their supply so we’ll always have instant to fall back on.

  • Well green beans have a very long shelf life before roasting, there’s plenty of stock in Tilbury/Felixtowe and other warehouses round the world.

    Any savings made by stocking up now will pale into significance if you can’t afford to heat the water for brewing.
    Maybe invest now in a hand grinder if your’s is electronic...

  • Hah! More that I just got miffed at the postage times for coffee in the early coffee days and just got a roaster and a whole heap of green beans.

    I've finally escaped to somewhere relatively rural and actively try to avoid leaving. Much to the benefit of me and others

  • Time to stock up on hot water. Boil twice as much as you need and pour half into a bucket for later

  • I’ve a wood stove and rights to gather a fagot weighing up to 12kg a day from the nearby forest. So I’ll be fine for boiling enough for espresso out of the Robot.

  • Something like this?

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Coffee Appreciation

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