Coffee Appreciation

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  • Had a cafe leccese today - it’s a specialty in Lecce. Espresso poured over ice, with an optional almond syrup and then almond milk. Was lovely.
    Enjoyed with a pasticciotto

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  • Nice grinder! I have the same machine, same woes with channeling - always at the edge at about 10 o'clock (if the handle were 6.00).

  • Grinder is excellent. Have tried switching between espresso and filter grind and it really does work. Its definitely not zero retention, but pumping the palm of your hand on the top and tapping the grouns bin gets out the last 0.5g

    Will try making a better wdt than a cocktail stick and if that doesnt work i'll resort to a puck screen as sumo says

  • I get a lot less channeling now that I've got less pressure, and also the quality of the coffee definitely plays a part, I very rarely get any from my Dark Arts subscription, supermarket stuff is more susceptible.

  • How low is the pressure? This has been modded down to 9 bar, could go lower though I suppose

  • It's got the 9 bar spring in it, I'm at a loose end so might give stepping it down a go.

  • Random tiny supermarket selling spare Moka Pot parts is peak Italy.

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  • Anyone want a project.

    Was a great machine in its time. Sat unused for a few years. Didn't power on last time I tried.

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  • Bit late, but odd coffee has a discount code WONKY that gets you a discount on their subscription. (Ends at midnight 3 July)
    I ordered a kilo of beans for £10.79 delivered.
    Will cancel the sub once the order arrives, so no need to carry on if you don't want to.

  • Kilo for £10.79?

    That's a super bargain.

  • It's not super good coffee, but was perfectly drinkable last time I had it.

  • Doesn't seem to be working today, must have expired

  • The Nicaragua that Yellow Bourbon have on at the moment is very delicious! I'd recommend that one.

    Has anyone else tried putting a bit of filter paper at the bottom of the basket of their espresso machine. I'm trying to decide if it's worthwhile or not.

  • I've done it with a moka pot and it smoothed the coffee out noticably. Not done it with a proper espresso machine though.

  • A fair number of people use it for their Robot, I haven't tried it though.

  • You might’ve seen this already but Hoffmann covers it in this. Haven’t tried it myself like

  • Got this Flask / cup combined. Brew straight into it via v60 too. Brew still hot now. Pretty good.

  • Sage Dose Control Grinder is currently £75 on Amazon

  • Cold brew - blah blah Hoffman iced filter is better, I know but I want to try something different.

    Did 100g/800ml the other night from the first recipe I found - obviously a silly amount of coffee but it did taste good. Did 60g//1l last night, ground a bit finer and it's ok but not as good.

    Any pointers?

  • Yeah, try iced filter.

  • About this time every summer I think about buying a puckpuck for some cold brew making and then the weather changes and I forget.

  • Made a couple of Hoffman iced coffees today, works a treat

  • Just play with it. Because it brews so much slower you can get really different results. I enjoy doing high coffee to water with a shortish brew time like 8 hours but my go to is around 35g for 1l water and brew for 24 hours.

  • After all the cold brew chat here, I dug out my Hario jug (Mizudashi 600ml) and realised I've somehow managed to lose the filter bottom. It seems like a waste to just order a new one, does anyone know where I might be able to get it as a spare part? It's the cap bit that pushes on to the bottom of the inner filter.

  • I’m out of coffee!!!

    Is anyone of the muck they sell in Tesco worth drinking. It’s my only option until tomorrow

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Coffee Appreciation

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