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  • living alone, almost a litre of coffee each morning seemed a bit much


  • living alone, almost a litre of coffee each morning seemed a bit much


    I'm honestly surprised it took anyone so long to raise an eyebrow at 'just' a litre

  • Technivorm does come with a thermal carafe option too, so that's a good alternative.

  • Something I thought was a bunch of total wank and I'd never do, was spray beans with a mist of water before I grind them, and now I'm very fucked off that the stupid bollocks works.

    Static reduced to maybe 2-5% of what it was pre spraying with water. Does it make a difference to how it tastes? Who the fuck knows, but it makes it easier to put in the filter.

  • You don't even need to spray them. You can just tip the handle end of a tea spoon in water and stir the beans. Even that tiny amount of residual dampness is enough to get the same effect.

  • My only reservation is getting the burrs damp, seems so wrong. When I clean mine with hot soapy water I leave them out to 100% dry before reassembling.

  • Yes although it's quite big. I wish you could buy a replacement small thermal carafe but doesn't seem to exist :(

  • Yeah, it upsets me that there’s no like… four cup or even three cup version. I want the one cup size, but just with a slightly bigger carafe and reservoir…

  • That's not very buyer of you. Obviously I bought a little perfume sample sized spray bottle.

    Maybe I'll upgrade to some ornate retro perfume bottle with a squeezy pump.

    So my wife can really question wtf I'm up to.

  • Silly question, but why can't you just make less coffee in the Technivorm? Less coffee in the filter and less water in?

  • Look how extra wanky I could be

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  • Only allowed if you glue useless cogs to the side of the machine and wear some old welding goggles.

  • Are you saying it's producing less fines? Would be helpful as my V60 always tends to clog, even with the japanese paper.

  • I don't think it reduces fines, it reduces static. The coffee doesn't clump together and doesn't stick to the grinder, so the major difference I've noticed is that you get much less grinder retention and the coffee is easier to pour out of the grinder bin.

  • Re Static, Starbucks beans from a supermarket are always the worst (I know, I know, they were on special and I figured "what's the worst that could happen")
    Whatever grinder I am using, the output hooper gets coated in the grounds.

  • I’ve seen the Austin Powers documentary series, I know Starbucks are evil. If anyone is paying children to inject nasties into every bean to create static and clog your grinder, it’s them. Thankfully we have pretentious water spray bottles or dipped teaspoon handles to defeat their evil scheme to make home brewing so unpleasant that we give up and go the the chain coffee shop on the corner and order our espresso shot in a bucket topped up with lightly foamed milk.

  • On which note, anyone got anything unpleasant to say about the Lagom Mini grinders?

    I’m thinking of quitting the daily hand grinder workout and moving to a powered solution. This fits the bill of very small for once or twice a day use and given the immensely long pre-order times these are either artisanal small batch exclusive or incredibly popular. I’ve seen gushing you tube reviews but I’m not really very trusting of influencers and would rather as a bunch of cyclists on a bike forum.

  • I am very happy with my Eureka Mignon Silenzio, though I don’t do single dosing. If that’s your thing people have adapted them.

  • Dumb question but the coffee I make with my aeropress. If I want to make the same with my gaggia classic is it just a shot with extra water?

  • Filter coffee and espresso + water will rarely taste similar IMO. Is there a reason you wouldn't just make it with the aeropress?

  • Because I spent a fuck ton of money on a machine that’s been surpassed by a £30 set of plastic tubes.

    Fucking love the aeropress.

  • Hah!

    To be fair, my La Pavoni basically only gets used for making milky coffees for my wife in the morning and her in-laws when they come to visit. Maybe if I fancy an after dinner coffee I'll grab an espresso as a filter coffee at that time probably isn't wise.

    I've definitely tried to warn a few folks off home espresso in this thread before. It can be a very expensive hobby that can be quite tricky to get right. And if you don't mind (or prefer) filter coffee, can very easily be bested by something a fraction of the cost/space.

  • I still love an espresso but it’s more if a wake up drink drunk rapidly one after the other, rather than a cup of slow relaxing coffee

  • Feel like I'm getting some drinkable coffee out of these now. Cheers to @giles337 for answering some of my stupid questions. I'm still struggling with even extraction and channeling, I think caused by water not coming out the grouphead evenly. Might give it a backflush and descale to see if that helps matters. Otherwise very happy! Gonna order a kilo of JGC espresso and stick to one coffee for a while instead of chopping and changing

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  • You could try a puck screen to help the water distribution

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Coffee Appreciation

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