Coffee Appreciation

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  • Yes. How much? Provided you can post or happen to live in Leeds.

  • Does £250 plus whatever it costs to post sound fair? The last couple on eBay went for between that and £300, without the PID, and a couple north of 300 with it.

    Honestly don’t have a clue how to price it.

    Oh, it’s got the Silvia steam wand too.

    Also The led on the power switch has failed. New switch module is about £30 I think, but it's functionality is entirely superceded by the PID controller anyway so I never bothered.

  • Next to its new big brother

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  • I might be interested if Nef drops out. Where abouts are you based?

  • I have a Wilfa Svart grinder I am looking to sell if anyone is after a grinder for filter coffee. Would be looking for £40 collected but open to offers if I am far off

  • It’s all yours. I’d love it, but struggle to justify it right now (and it’ll be a load to post etc etc).

    I know I’ll regret not buying it tbh, lol.

  • Dibs pending feasible collection option. You have pm.

  • Appreciate it ! Need to sell ameys old xt20 to offset

  • That looks familiar 🤓

  • As a new Gaggia Classic owner, which mods made the biggest impact?

  • Honestly, I’d say they’re all step changes, but in different aspects the brew. If I bought a new one I’d do OPV mod and PID first, then shower screen, then shower plate. I don’t drink milk drinks but the wand is meant to be a biggie.

  • Cool, those are the first two I’m sorting. Cheers man!

  • Had a bit of a coffee revelation this week.

    I enjoyed using a French Press, but once I'd tried James Hoffmann's method of getting a very clean cup from an FP, I couldn't go back to "normal" and while I was fine with the 8-9 minute process, I could tell it was starting to wear my wife's patience pretty thin.

    Making an Aeropress twice was just too labour intensive, I think it's still one of my favourite brew methods but I don't like to rush it and it felt rushed every morning.

    We'd been using a Clever Dripper for a while but that wasn't without some foibles, 450ml is the max you can get away with making, it's a bit tight on space with 450ml and the coffee so you have to be careful when picking it up. Also again, being a slave to the "best process" of putting the coffee in after the water was actually quite a faff because you have to then mix the coffee in to the water and it goes a bit clumpy and I always just felt like I was never getting the process quite right. There felt like too many variables.

    My CBT therapist would probably suggest this reeks of my history and ongoing issues with perfectionism and it's good for me to be exposed to varying quality and not being able to get it exactly right every time.

    I'd say I'm a perfect candidate for automation (pun mildly intended).

    I bought @duncs Sage Precision Brewer off the back of James Hoffmann's review and it's just brilliant.

    I set it to come on at 07:00, it makes 900ml, we drink a cup each in the morning and the thermos keeps the 2nd cup each hot until about midday. So far, it's tasted almost exactly the same each day and each cup, and it's minimal fuss, minimal stress.

    Sure, I don't get to to experience the nice process of making coffee but I realised I wasn't really enjoying the experience every morning. It had turned into not a nice process. Not a chore, but a frustration that I wasn't able to take my time and do it the way I wanted to and get it just right.

    This way I get to have the coffee, I don't have to experience the negative mental pressure on myself, and I can still make an Aeropress or Clever Dripper in the afternoon if I want some extra pep.

  • This really sells me on the idea of a filter maker, I'm not gonna lie. Are you on commission?! I could give a shit less about making coffee nowadays. Just gimme coffee...

    Maybe I'll go buy a Technivorm once and for all lol

  • I feel like that should probably go in a mental health thread.

  • Haha, I think the Technivorm looks nicer, but the Sage has the auto start that really sold it to me and Em. You still have to grind the coffee and put the filter in the night before but there's no faff really with that.

  • I'd also like to acknowledge this is really middle class, "Woe is me, I can't enjoy making coffee any more because life is too stressful to take the time to do things how I want to, so I'll spend my way out of it."

  • Why did the robots take over? Well we were all just slaves to capitalism and automated all the joys in life to make time for all the things we hated the most.

  • omfg kill me just googled sage precision and the first result is a gun manufacturer. Thanks America.........

    But yeah, that is a good point.

  • I think it's a Breville in the USA

  • Yeah it is. Same price as a Techni....

  • hah, glad you're getting on with it. I wanted to - well, I did think it was great - but living alone, almost a litre of coffee each morning seemed a bit much.

    Maybe I'll get a Technivorm Cup One
    (bah, just checked Amazon - price jumped from an all time low £135 last week to £220 this week)

  • Why did the robots take over?

    Because they make better coffee : )

  • Is this still going? i'd be interested if so-

    I'm trying to downsize from a fiorenzato commercial-grade grinder similar to a mazzer jolly- which I'd be looking to shift if anyone is interested? No hopper, but works perfectly in a domestic setting if you have the counter space-£70 and I could meet somewhere on the eastern end of the Elizabeth line (i'm in Brentwood these days and it's a good 10-15kg)

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  • You can also use a £10 smart plug with the Technivorm so it turns on at specific time. However, the glass container and hot plate don't keep the coffee hot with the same taste like a metal thermos like container does.

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Coffee Appreciation

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