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  • This is a great choice - my brother’s been using one with his aeropress for years and loves it (especially compared to his Hario hand grinder).

  • I'm generally a big fan of Hario. But their hand-grinders are utter fucking shite. At least the ones that I've seen (granted, haven't touched one in about 3 years)

  • I've had a few of them, they work fine as grinders for non espresso machine purposes.

    My experience was they don't last all that long, maybe around 5 years of daily use for a couple of french presses a day. I think I've had 3 in total which all gave up (one was second hand), eventually got a Baratza instead. It is more expensive though so the Krups may still be as good an option.

  • They just take forever. Tried to explain they’re not all like that (had a Kinu for over a year now) and he wasn’t having any of it.

  • And pretty shoddy build quality in my experience! Never seen a hand grinder as wobbly as the Hario ones

  • Cheers folks, useful feedback, though the Delorean KG79 has made a late appearance…

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  • it's fine, the grinds won't be that uniform and it doesn't go that fine but unless you're good at tasting the difference between a 2 min pour and a 3 min pour then for aeropress it'll do the job.

  • @zazkar any reason to discount a hand grinder? I've been using a Porlex Tall with my Gaggia Classic for a few years now and it's been pretty bulletproof. If it's only for Aeropress then it seems like a lot of worktop space to take up!

  • Also the Porlex fits perfectly in the Aeropress chamber for storage

  • 👀

  • We have had both of these. Pretty similar but the button on the Krups model is fragile, so I’d pick the Delonghi.

  • My folks have had the Delonghi for years now and use it a lot. They've gone though other grinders. Hasn't missed a beat and overall the plastics feel good quality.

    Subjective, but aesthetically I think it looks good too. Plus it's a neat cube shape so sits tidily on their counter.

    No experience of the Krups one so can't comment.

  • I had the Krups one for a few years and it was great until it died.
    My sister had one for nearly 10 years, so they can last with daily use.

  • It arrives.

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  • Amazing! I need all the reports. Absolutely love the look and concept of these, very nearly bit the bullet a few times.

  • Also very interested to hear what you think. My only experience of stove top, was a hideous Alessi thing that was incredibly underwhelming.

  • I have so far made one espresso with it, which was very nice. Much more experimentation to come though

  • That’s one of the things I found limiting about that machine; you can’t play with timing or pressure, and is really limited dose-wise. Another is the fact that you have to transfer the espresso after it’s made, somehow takes away from the experience for me, along with unnecessary cooling.
    I had an early model that didn’t have the pressure release and so made it much more difficult to disassemble after the coffee was made.

  • I’ve bought it for camping, my thinking being to dial it in at home then repeat the process that works when I’m out and about.

    I have my lever machine for home- speaking of which, I have replaced the gaskets and they’re nice and tight- what else have people done to resolve this issue?

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  • This is definitely a gasket/seal leak. It’ll probably be the bottom sight glass seal. Did you use the washer to compress it before tightening the nut?

  • There was no washer fitted when I took it apart - just sightglass, nut, gasket.

    There are some white plastic washers in the gasket and seal kit I bought - are those what you are referring to?

  • I had the exact same situation with my gasket kit (for reference, I’ve got the Gaggia G105).

    Basically, there should be a washer that the nut uses to compress the sightglass seal. Like you, none were present on strip-down so I assumed they weren’t needed. Got the misted window. I tried the white plastic ones that got shipped with the kit but they didn’t fit properly. I tried to modify them to size and it was better but not perfect. Went to a local fastenings shop and got two brass washers the right size, problem solved.

    Edit: Part 100 here

  • Amazing- thanks! I’ll get some ordered.

  • Gaggia G106 Tin Man? Lovely machines.

    Just discovered this thread! Got a Pavoni Pro, Europiccola and a sage barista express at home. Oh and a Gaggia classic tucked away too. Slightly obsessed is the best way of putting it 😍

    Here's my Pav

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  • Hard lines coffee are doing 3kg bags of their house espresso at a discounted rate and you can also get an extra 15% off for completing their survey. So it’s £63 for 3kg of very, very nice espresso.

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Coffee Appreciation

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