Coffee Appreciation

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  • How does that happen? I walk down the street and buy a couple small bags every few weeks.

  • AmIDoingItWrong?

  • I presume they mean as gifts

  • Ah, glad my rep is more plebeian.

  • You’re clearly not “into coffee” enough. You need to be in a position that people are too frightened to buy you any coffee-related things!

  • I got a bag of Climpsons, roundhill and Fried Hats 😁😁😁

  • Well fried hats is a tub but still 🙃

  • I tried hard to steer towards tea because even cheap loose leaf tastes good to me, didn't work.

  • no, but my partner bought some to try from a scottish roaster and its grim stuff, she has 3 bags to get through while i’m back to my Roundhill stash tomorrow :-)

  • Good haul! Which Fried Hats beans did you get?

    I think Rapha soho have them on guest at the moment, hoping to pick up a tub or two in the new year.

  • I know this pain - thankfully after last year my partner had a word with her family so this was avoided!

    I did receive a Clever Dripper from her Aunt tho, which is my new favourite method for filter at home!

  • The Omni and Espresso blend. They’ve started shipping to UK again now.
    (Although mine was from a friend from Amsterdam)

  • I was in Amsterdam last month and got a pack of Ethiopian omni - thanks for the heads up on UK shipping, didn’t know it was an option again.

  • Clever Dripper

    I love mine. It has replaced all my coffee makers - french press and moka. I get great coffee in 3 minutes without faff. Easily my best lockdown purchase.

  • I lent mine to my Dad who then forgot it was mine and gave it to a charity shop. Livid!

  • I got quite lucky, I regularly get some decent local coffee shop bags and this year even got a James Hoffman book, score!

  • Oh nice! Yeah pre-brexit they were a regular for me, coffee is always good but have to admit I’m a sucker for the packaging 😇

  • FYI:

    Simply Enter the Code NY15 at the Checkout
    Applicable to products on only, until 23:59 Friday 31 December.

  • Is anyone after a (non-electric) Stagg Pour Over kettle? My brother got me the super duper swanky electric one for Christmas and now I need to shift this. It's the Polished Steel, happy to let it go for £40 with collection in London.

  • "Scott and Co." - if you haven't heard of them, be thankful. "Artisan" beans available on Sc4mazon Prime. It's like the fixie pizza cutter for coffee enthusiasts.

  • fixie pizza cutter

    High Wheeler ftw

  • I'm sure this has been asked many times but what grinder for a Rancilio Silvia/Classic pro? Is it possible to get good espresso using pre ground from places with industrial machines? YB etc

  • How much do you have to spend?
    Pre ground is ok, but goes stale quickly, and you can’t adjust the grind to dial in your shots (which is fairly critical IMO, others aren’t as bothered tho).

  • I bought myself a new stepless grinder for Christmas, which has opened up a whole world of fine tuning. My old Gaggia, with its "rotate hopper to select grind" has done sterling service for 13 years, during which time I've serviced it twice, but the spring that returns the dosing lever thing has broken again. Anyway - I'd like to offer it to anyone in this thread who needs it and can come and get it.

    It's this one:

  • Haven't bought the actual machine yet but potentially the same again for grinder if its needed to get 'drinkable' espresso. I'm not a massive fan of the idea of grinding beans to dose every morning

    can’t adjust the grind to dial in your shots

    Is this something done day to day as beans go stale? Surely that would waste a lot of shots in fine tuning

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Coffee Appreciation

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