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  • You’ll get an Iberital MC2 for that budget too, but a lot of people have commented that it’s difficult to adjust it from filter to espresso and vice versa

    It’s really one or the other. MC2 doesn’t make the greatest filter either tbh (plenty fines).

    I scored a Mazzer Super Jolly off here for under £100 which I use for espresso and a hand grinder for filter.

    I think MC2 and a timore c2 hand grinder is a great combo tbh and perfectly doable for £150. That or just spend all the cash on a hand grinder.

  • I picked up a gaggia mdf about a year ago for £80. Probably could have got it cheaper but I was desperate at the time. I really enjoy the coffee it grinds.

  • Got bought a Wilfa Svart for my birthday by my wife so I need to get rid of my forum favourite Krups.

    The grounds collector will get a run through the dishwasher tonight and I'll give the unit itself a good scrub too before collection.

    £15 sound ok?

    Based in N16 for collection.

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  • Ethiopian decaf from 36th Parallel in Melbourne turned up yesterday, VERY dark roast, I would say a whisker away from tasting completely burnt...

    Crema in the espresso was incredibly bitter, the shot itself was drinkable but a lot of burnt notes came through... Worked much better with the Aeropress...

    Still looking for a true medium roast decaf, lemme know what you've found!

  • I know coffee tasting is fairly subjective but does anyone else find Ethiopian coffee to have an overly fermented almost rum/liqueur flavour?
    The last few months I've had several bags of coffee, all with wildly different tasting notes, that I've really not enjoyed due to the aforementioned fermentyness. I was scratching my head trying to find a common denominator when I realised they had all been Ethiopian.
    Does anyone else find this with Ethiopian coffees or have I just been particularly unlucky with my bean selection?

  • Did you just happen to buy natural process Ethiopians every time rather than washed? A boozy berry liqueur taste is pretty common in those, but then I enjoy that myself and it's often present in natural coffees from other countries, not just Ethiopia. Maybe you just have a preference for washed coffee?

  • Now that I look back at my order history, that does seem to be the case. I hadn't realised that made such a difference to the flavour. I'll bear that in mind next time I order, thanks for the tip.

  • Are there such a thing as 250ml oat barista style milks? I don’t want to open litre cartons for the very occasional drink

  • Especially when it takes 4 shots to dial in!

  • Don’t let it put you off Ethiopian coffee – a washed one can be one of the most clean, pleasant, tea-like examples of coffee. I can’t stand naturals.

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Coffee Appreciation

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