Coffee Appreciation

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  • I’m guessing it’s June. Edge are a Uk roaster

  • Roasting dates less critical with darker roasts no?

  • I guess I'm just used to buying very freshly roasted beans...

  • there's a reason for that

  • Plus you can’t actually take advantage of watching the extraction, which is the point of the naked pf, without contorting yourself into some odd shapes whilst pushing the lever.

    +1 to this.

    Granted, I still do it, but I've got a hunch it's not doing good things for my back.

  • I channel Quasimodo and don't have a naked portafilter! In my questionable defense I find it easier to modulate the pressure on the lever and like watching the drops...

  • carefully placed mirror might be of use?

  • Less fun though

  • Not a problem for me with a naked portafilter on the Robot, give it another 15-20 years it might be a different story.

  • Looks like some was roasted in June and some in September

  • Carefully placed mirrors in a home with a toddler is a challenge. Though maybe the extraction observation can offset the strain on the other side of my spine from carrying said toddler.

    Scoliosis thread >>>>>>>>>>

  • Just taken delivery of a Moccamaster (KGB Select with glass carafe), partly out of curiosity and partly because we have a baby due and anything that can automate part of my life is welcome.

    Anyone got any tips or things I should be aware of? Up until now we've used a V60 or Aeropress and an Encore grinder.

  • Don't mess around with it too much. Sounds silly, but find a coffee you like, get your grind right and just let it work.

  • Get a lamp timer and set it up before bed.

    Use 60g coffee and only fill the water up to 1l. If you use the full 1.25l you’ll need 75g of coffee and it will probably overflow.

  • Lamp timer is a genius idea.

  • I have my espresso machine on one. It comes on about 15 minutes before I get up and turns off shortly after I’ve made my coffee. It’s just a basic mechanical one like this, nothing fancy.

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  • I'm struggling to source a replacement filter basket for a Sage Precision brewer... Sage themselves have now sent me two that don't fit. And all I seem to be able to get back from customer service is 'it looks like we've updated the part'.

    Is anyone able to point me in the direction where I might be able to pick one up? Photo attached of what I'm after. Ta!

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  • Awesome though the Precision Brewer is in terms of coffee produced, the horror stories about spare parts really made me think twice before getting one.

    No reason to regret my decision yet. I shall treat it as gently as one would treat a new born child just in case.

  • Yeah, I didn't think that it would be so hard to get hold of something that's listed / there's a photo of on the website. Mildly frustrating.

  • Best absolute budget espresso machine? Brother is after one for his caravan. Has a Delonghi at home and is happy enough with it. Literally £50 range, second hand obviously. Fools errand?

  • Forget espresso at that budget.
    Moka is the way.

  • I mean, he’s happy with his crap Delonghi, so the bar is set very low and I’d agree about the Moka pot, but I did wonder if there were any options.

    There’s a Cubika on eBay at the moment that might go for cheap. I paid £55 for mine and it bangs out great espresso.

  • An excellent James Hoffman video that may slip through the cracks for some folks here:­ejo

  • New office only has instant, anyone recommend any decent coffee bags or should I go against the system and keep a little French press there?

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Coffee Appreciation

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