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  • Has this machine been covered in here on the topic of capsules? Seems a lot of roasters are using it as the go to when talking about their capsules?­orning-coffee-machine

  • Has that machine actually launched yet? It was raising cash on kickstrter only a few months ago.

  • Wow yeah. £336!

  • Colonna were selling these back in late June, they sold out quite quickly. I seem to remember them being £279, although memory is somewhat hazy.­sories-the-morning-machine


  • based on the shipping costs from china being mentioned in some of my board game kickstarters this last year that's not an unexpected increase in unit cost.

  • Has anyone got a Wilfa Svart they're getting rid of? I know I missed out on one just a couple of weeks ago in the classifieds so chances are probably slim.

  • Last call on my La Pavoni lever machine before I remove it from here and sell elsewhere. If I’m out on pricing, make me an offer…­31/

  • Have forwarded this to a forumenger that was interested in a Pav and probs hasn't seen it....

    I've emerged from the long winter of the 2 bags of Lavazza Super Crema I bought on the cheap. Not entirely filled with discontent. The mrs actually enjoyed them and I won't complain much. It was an easy going and consistent brew but a little one dimensional. Anyways in absence of much inspiration I scored a K of Borbonne Miscela Blu for decent price on Amazon which arrived today and is more up my street. Nothing special but a solid, darker Napolitan brew. Excellent texture and a fresh roast date to boot.

  • I was looking to try a some new roasteries and found Ancoats Coffee Co, ordered their Bonde Kochere, it's a washed Ethiopian heirloom and very tasty. I'll be ordering from them again.

  • Ancoats Coffee Co

    One of the local roasters on my rotation. Recently found Blossom Coffee which is similarly good.

  • I have a Gaggia Factory 105- it’s the sister machine to the Pavoni lever that Getaway has for sale and I think it’s excellent- I bought mine used something like 13 years ago and have rebuilt it with new gaskets and IIRC steam valve.

    The only fly in the ointment is the basket in the portafilter isn’t retained by anything- so if you don’t hold it in place with the edge of your thumb when knocking out the old coffee the basket exits with the coffee, which is annoying.

    Holding it in with your thumb works and I have done this for years- but! Is there a better way- does anyone know of a revised design that e.g. uses a circlip to retain the basket?

  • Depending on size get a VST basket with a ridge.

    Edit: VST is not the right size.

  • Isn't there another handle that fits it? Looks like a Gaggia classic might if it's 58mm

  • Is there no little groove for a circlip in the portafilter? If not, I'd just use it as an excuse to pick up a bottomless portafilter. Don't think you'll find any halfway decent portafilter sold without a spring clip these days. I can try to dig out a link to the one I bought for my Europiccola if you want to go that route

  • Think it's a 51mm. I assume lever machines keep the baskets small to ensure it's feasible to reach the pressures needed.

  • My Pav has the dinky 49mm basket. If the portafilter is anything like mine, it's probably pretty solid. Take it anywhere with a lathe and they can cut a groove for a spring clip.

  • Edit: deleted as I may be misremembering. I’ve got the 105 too, I’ll check through a few portafilter/basket combos tomorrow.

  • So here’s the sitch:

    The standard portafilter doesn’t have a circlip, but the cheap ‘official(?)’ naked portafilter does.
    The coffee-sensor naked portafilter does too but it’s a little looser.

    The standard basket is a little loose in the ‘official’ naked pf but IMS basket fits beautifully tight. Except it’s too tall and doesn’t seat all the way down. Plus drops catch the lip and go everywhere.

    The coffee-sensor pf has a circlip but it’s a little wider diameter. Standard basket is properly loose, IMS basket is held lightly (enough to turn upside down but not enough to knock without something stopping the basket ejecting.

    I use coffee sensor pf and IMS basket. I just tap the puck out on to my hand once it’s cooled (so basket doesn’t escape) then bin it and rinse hand and basket immediately.

  • Comprehensive- thanks!

    Do you think having the stock portafilter machined with a groove for the spring clip would be ideal based on your experience?

  • Naked portafilter on a manual lever might be messy, you get bits squirting in all directions if you haven’t got the prep absolutely perfect. You might be into it, it’s not my thing. Plus you can’t actually take advantage of watching the extraction, which is the point of the naked pf, without contorting yourself into some odd shapes whilst pushing the lever.

  • These are all good points. I’d be happy just with a spring clip/whatever the correct name is.

  • I’m not a machinist but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. If you’re happy with your stock one and have easy access to some tooling I’d go that route for sure.

    Pretty decent value if you like a dark roast

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  • Was that roasted in June or September?

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Coffee Appreciation

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