Coffee Appreciation

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  • Currently on some antibiotics which forbid milk (calcium) and which exacerbate the effect of caffeine.

    Have switched to 50:50 cut of decaf and normal beans. I can put up with that.

    What’s a good low-to-zero calcium (ie not fortified) milk alternative? Most of them are fortified with calcium. I didn’t get on with oat milk. I’m currently “enjoying” a very frothy, like Mr Whippy frothy Plenish almond milk decaf cappuccino, but under the froth it’s completely split. Grim. It may not help that this decaf is very acidic.

  • Black coffee dude. Black coffee

  • I’ve stuck it out for a week but I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!

  • Is coffee mate (other brands are available) calcium free?

  • It has caseinate which is dairy derived.

  • Hemp milk maybe fits your criteria. I had a cursory Google and there are barista versions which might not be fortified.

  • what decaf is it? acidity is usually the thing I find it lacking in

  • Anyone interested in this Melitta aromaboy for £20? It’s been very lightly used and we no longer have space for it since my partner has moved in with me. It has no box or instructions but is very easy to use. We also have an aeropress that is surplus to requirements as we now have two. It has everything save for the stirrer. £15. DM me for more details if of interest

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  • New half caffeine roast from Artisan Roast which is quite fun:­optimist

  • Waitrose organic Peru beans.

  • I don’t need it, I have no space for it, but it’s definitely super rad! What a lovely looking thing.

  • I ordered some organic Peru decaf only last night, how was yours?

  • This thing is adorable. If I hadn't replaced my broken pourover already I'd consider it just because it would look so cute on the counter and I assume Melitta machines are of decent quality.

  • Love that it’s called Aromaboy!

  • I haven’t enjoyed it so far. It makes a very sour (or acidic) espresso shot which I don’t get on with (in a black Americano). I’ve also had to grind it ridiculously fine to get it to flow at a sensible rate so I don’t think it’s a good one for espresso.

    It might be better with pour-over. It struck me that since I’m having to drink it black, there’s probably little point struggling to make it good as espresso when a V60 brew might actually solve a lot of those problems.

  • Terrific, I've got a whole kg coming... 🙄😂

    I've learned in the past couple of months that the decaf blend my local roaster makes is really good for all types of drinks... I've heard the Peruvian is a lighter, more acidic roast so I'm keen to try it...

  • Got stuck in Croydon of all places. Sweetbean in the Boxpark does a pretty acceptable flat white and the guy is friendly and really into it. He’s made up for all the miserable Croydonites here!

  • I've been using oat milk with my coffee for a while. I'd like to stop using Oatly, any recommended alternatives around? Tried Alpro and Minor Figures and dislike the weird sugary after taste which Oatly Barista doesn't have. Reason I'd like to stop using them isn't how it tastes (which I actually like) but annoying stuff about the company.

  • We ditched oatly because they sold out. Minor figures here as it is available locally. There's some Sojade in the fridge too not sure if that works in coffee though as I drink mine black which is the best solution obvs.

  • Have you got a blender? Buy a nut bag and make your own!

  • Will happily try this when kids are older and there's more time for stuff like this. Unless you can make a weekly batch... Will Google this.

  • which is the best solution obvs.

    I'm not hardcore enough...

  • Black coffee like a grown-up.

  • Lol would rep.

    Finally cracked into the Kenya Kigutha I ordered. Bloody hell it’s amazing. The smell as I cracked the bag open is legit!

  • Ah nice one, I’ve been enjoying that this morning too.

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Coffee Appreciation

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