Coffee Appreciation

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  • Great to hear the Hoff talking about decaf, looking forward to his decaf spesh...

  • Following on from the video I posted on the last page, what I’m after is a way to make two cups of coffee at the same time while out camping.
    Usually we just make one cup of pour over at a time.
    Has anyone got any recommendations?
    I use a meths burner so the jetboil and similar french press is not an option.

  • Well, little shots of strong coffee that are good enough to wake me up first thing then. Works for me.

  • I don’t get the problem, why can’t you brew 2 cups of pour over at once? Do you just need a vessel that takes 2 cups worth to brew it into?

  • Looks like a Neapolitan flip coffee pot

  • Why's the French press not an option? Boil water on the burner and stick it in the French press with the coffee, right?

    Not really experienced with the outdoor coffee making shenanigans so I may well be missing something there!

  • Don’t get me wrong, I agree that Moka pots make great coffee.

  • @mmccarthy @Rik_Van_Looy
    I think a french press is the way to go too. My wife had just noticed this thing in the video and thought it looked like a nice idea.

  • Hi - will take this for postage if that’s possible and still available?

  • Just (mostly) installed a new kitchen, new and improved coffee corner:

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  • One day I’m going to have a leaver machine

  • Looks so cool. Wooden handles on the pav chef kiss. What’s with the burr next to the Sette? Pour over specific?

  • They are very good, look wonderful, simple to maintain, no sticky solonoids to worry about. Just hope you're not in a rush to make a batch! Have used a lever machine in a cafe setting before and thankfully most folks appreciate them enough to not mind the reduction in speed of service!

  • The handles are quite a nice touch for sure! Word of caution to anyone looking to buy them, be careful to not over-tighen the boiler cap. The washer on the original boiler cap required quite a lot of force to keep steam from escaping. Assumed it'd be the same with this one. Screwed it on as usual, after about a week's use, unscrewed just the wooden top leaving the threaded metal cap still screwed on. Fun times. Actually just sorted it with some two-part epoxy last night (adhesives that work well with both a metal-wood pairing, as well as withstanding high temps are few and far between!)

    Yeah that's the factory burr that's more suited to espresso use with the filter one in the machine. Thankfully swapping them over and re-adjusting the grind is only a 5-second job!

  • Good looking Pav there Maestro. I fancy some wood handles for the Faemina once I get around to it.

  • I drink colombian or costa rican roast & ground coffee from Aldi. I overbrew it in a cafetiere. I do this so that when someone makes me a really good coffee, I will appreciate the flavour more. For you see, if you drink good coffee all the time, then you don't really have much better to look forward to.

  • The lies we tell ourselves.

  • All yours. DM me your address

  • maybe the key to happiness is terrible coffee.

  • I punch myself in the face every morning so if I ever feel I need a really great day I just don't punch myself. It really helps me appreciate those great days.

  • Stay at a mates, buy some lavazza to tide me over this morning, make average brew. Then realise I had some nice YB Ethiopian I’d ground in a small Tupperware in my bag - #fail.

  • Has anyone used Grind Nespresso pods? I stopped using Nespresso a while back as they are so wasteful…. The fully compostable pods are making me consider giving them a try…

    Sorry if the word Nespresso is blasphemy in here….. I usually make filter coffee these days, but I do like the ease of a nespresso for the occasional sort of flat white kind of thing….

  • We have them at work- perfectly drinkable but nothing special I would say. Have wondered if the Dark Arts Coffee ones might be nicer but am yet to give them a try.

  • WWYD: There’s a roaster in a local town that I use whenever I’m about. In the past, the beans have been great. Fresh, strong tasting notes, crazy levels of sweetness. Always get the same ones. But the last pack I got tasted like supermarket beans. Just completely flat, especially so compared to previous orders.

    Would you go back?

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Coffee Appreciation

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