Coffee Appreciation

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  • This is great, thanks

  • Any reason people can't just transfer money to a bank account/paypal account?

    Problem with the auto card reader/tipjar system I guess is going to be reconciling payments - was it Jo or Joe who paid the three quid today?

  • Monzo? Not sure about pooling but you can request money from people with it so they just need to click a link

  • I bought some of this (Definitely Decaf Medium roast) from Waitrose the other day and ran the coarse grind through my burr grinder to make it an espresso grind. Shame Waitrose don't do the beans

    Really delicious with a bit of Oatley Barista.

  • What does the bag look like? I’m always on the hunt for different coffees.

  • I think it was the one you recommended to me! Raw Bean Definitely Decaf!

  • and ran the coarse grind through my burr grinder to make it an espresso grind

    Interesting - how did that work out?

  • Basically like being in a cafe on the banks of the Seine.

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  • I can almost smell it.

  • Definitely not the most disorganised van I’ve seen

  • It does my head in - absolute chaos in there. Alas, I am not the captain of that ship, so it’s not for me to sort out.
    Helped another guy load his van today and it was so much more organised. Felt like pointing it out - “see, it doesn’t have to be absolute chaos in the back!”.

    But the main point is that the coffee is actually alright and a very welcome break from the chaos.

  • If I was a tradesman it would either be chaos or I’d be wd40ing my tools after each use like my electrician uncle.

    Racking and shelving is key

  • Freecycle: this Sage filter basket – collection from N1/King's Cross preferred.

    Not unrelated: if anyone knows a single-wall basket that will fit my Dualit DCM2X, please let me know :-)

  • Quite well actually. Got a nice marbled brown extraction and a tasty coffee.

    Obviously not as fresh as straight from bean but an OK compromise.

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  • The coffee or the van? ;)

  • I'm still really enjoying my @Mont58Coffee subscription.

    Something I particularly enjoy is that I don't ever get the same coffees in consecutive deliveries, unlike some other subscriptions I have had in the past.

  • I’ve been in Wales for 24 hours and the aeropress is really pulling its weight.

    I’ve tried the inverted method to see if it’s easier/better. So far so good.

    It would be nice if there was some crema

  • If you can manage 9 bars with your arms you might be lucky

  • As has been said 1000 times, it doesn't make espresso. No crema to be seen here.

  • .

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  • seeing that brings (semi-)fond memories of being sat precariously atop a jagged pile of tools covered in a filthy dust sheet in the back of my grandads transit whenever we'd go out in it.

  • Can anyone tell me what the coffee maker is in this video at about 4mins in?

  • I use my aero press to make my coffee now, and there’s a smaller version for camping too. Only coffee drinker in the house so perfect solution.

    Moka por for espresso, aero press for anything else.

    Re: decaf - I used to swear by cafe unions decaf but haven’t seen it for a while.

  • Moka does not make espresso

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Coffee Appreciation

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