Coffee Appreciation

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  • I don’t go away a lot atm like everyone else. But yes in the future a hand grinder would make some sense

  • There might be a cafetiere or some other coffee apparatus in the cottage? Most of the time if I stay in a holiday place I just shoot them an email and ask and just take coffee and my grinder. Otherwise yeah an Aeropress seems to be popular for travel because it's packable and seems basically unbreakable.

  • Does anyone drink Starbucks? It is like mud. I don't know how they are still in business.

  • Timemore c2 (£40-45 on AliExpress) + plastic v60.

    I take scales too but obviously not vital. I enjoy coffee too much to have shit coffee on holiday.

  • Going away, I do one of the following:

    • have a break from coffee
    • drink instant with a lot of milk if I’m absolutely desperate after an early toddler wake
    • go to the ok/good speciality shop that I’ve planned staying close to
    • take my electric grinder and aeropress if I’m driving door to door to stay in a cottage or something
  • Another note on the hand-grinders for Aeropress, both the Timemore & Porlex grinders will fit inside the Aeropress which is very handy, the Rhino one will not.

    Timemore seems like the clear favourite of the 3 (alas, I have both a Porlex & Rhino, but no Timemore)

  • Just sipping a filter coffee made with 4 week to 8 week old scraps of beans from Mont58, Yellow Bourbon, Monmouth and Pact. Light and dark roasts.

    ....and it tastes pretty good!

  • Aeropress is the obvious choices, but I’ll quite often take my plastic v60 and some filters if space or weight is a consideration at all. Lately I’ve been leaving it in the car, in fact.

  • Last time we went away I brought the lot, I regret nothing!

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  • I have spare hand grinders if you are in SE London.

  • Lincolnshire. Sorry

  • Get a bag ground for cafetière and take aeropress.

  • Is there somewhere for a good cup of coffee right by Paddington station?

  • I've never been but you've got KuPP and Kioskafe nearby.

  • Yes - walk down the canal towards Warwick Avenue and one of the barges does fantastic takeaway coffee.

    £3.40 a flat white though. Ouch.

  • I think some people on this thread are in the industry?
    If you can connect to the Nordic Approach network to get hold of some Danche from the Yirgacheffe region you've got yourself a superb premium coffee. It's possibly some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.

  • Is there an aeropress for espresso?

  • not sure what part of North wales, but this place is good for coffee.­coffee/

    hit me up if you want any routes.

  • So my heart is really sensitive to caffeine. I get really bad abnormal heart rhythm with it, but I am totally addicted to it. I was willing to live with the abnormal heart beat but had a scare yesterday where I got light headed with the abnormal heart rhythm and had to go to hospital.

    Are there any really really good caffeine free beans?

  • Is decaf and caffeine free the same thing

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  • "I was willing to live with the abnormal heart beat "...arrhythmia begets arrhythmia and can lead to stroke and other nasty things. Hopefully the hospital told you this.

  • The yellow bourbon decaf we get can’t be faulted. It’s banging.

  • Any brewing tips?

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  • Ha always wanted a go on one of those! Aim for 60g/l and adjust your grind to taste. Maybe run some water through without coffee first to clear water that’s been lurking in the innards if it’s sat for a while.

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Coffee Appreciation

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