Coffee Appreciation

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  • What hand grinder do you have? Grinding with my timemore c2 (what @mmccarthy is talking about above) is a world apart from my old hario slim. Much faster and nicer to use for only £40 from AliExpress. I have a Mazzer Super Jolly that I bought off here for espresso, and just hand grind for filter as it’s a pain to mess around with the grind setting.

  • Hario slim, I think. One of the smaller harios at least, I can't remember anymore! You could be right tbh, I just didn't know whether there was a market for 2nds out there that I wasn't aware of.

  • That's pretty much where I am.

    Don't think there's anything wrong with that?

  • Ah ok - I just saw people online grinding at 12-16 and wasn't sure. Thanks for being my rock

  • So in order to get the most out of the gaggia I need;

    Spring mod
    Shower screen mod
    Vst basket

    Anything else?

  • Always there bro.

  • Assuming you've got a grinder which does an acceptable espresso grind; filtered water and that's it. I wouldn't take it any further. I'd argue you don't really need the shower screen or VST basket. I've never bothered but people do say it makes a noticeable difference.

    Some accessories which come in handy are a blind basket and Puly Caff tabs for backflushing, and a pressure gauge for checking the pressure when you do the spring mod. There are plenty of pressure gauges out there with the thread which goes into the bottom of your portafilter.

  • A dosing cup and a bottomless portafilter helps, but they aren't must haves.

  • Update on Sage Precision Brewer: Its the mutts nuts. Sitting here sipping one of the nicest filter coffees I've ever made. Glad I chose it over the Moccamaster. I know the MM is a good machine and repairable but the SPB is a great one. Configurable bloom, temp and flow rate is a great thing to have.

  • Random source of cheap Monmouth beans in Lewisham, Klos Polish deli on the high street has the espresso beans £12/kg and range of 250g bags for £6-7

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  • When was it roasted?

  • PID to replace the bimetallic thermostat was the lightbulb for me in terms of consistency!

  • 16/7/21 with best before 16/9/21

    They have a big Gaggia bean 2 cup for takeaway they are using it for so hopefully turns over quickly

  • Nice one, thanks. Will pop in for some beans and sucuk

  • Monmouth espresso costs more than that wholesale so there’s something fishy there.

  • Wasn't just espresso beans, had a range of their diff beans in the 250g bags

  • Shop only 100m away from the shop selling the coffee....coincidence? I think not.

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  • Weird, the label definitely looks legit, can’t imagine someone going to the trouble of counterfeiting it or refilling bags with cheap coffee. Probably priced up wrong, I had a wholesale customer retailing coffee for less than he was paying for it until I pointed it out.

  • I popped into the cafe in Beckenham Park to buy some emergency Square Mile beans on a Sunday morning and the price they did me for 250g was hilarious. He had a calculator too.

  • Please could none of you cunts buy all of the snide Monmouth before tomorrow morning? Thanks in advance

  • Whoever buy the last bag, could you post here to save us a trip?

  • Why would you even buy Monmouth? I’m sure the opinion was it’s over-priced, over-roasted second wave noob coffee, you noobs.

  • You're welcome to it

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Coffee Appreciation

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