Coffee Appreciation

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  • Sounds very sensible and would happily pay that - in all fairness my pricing is probably 2-3 years out as I’ve just been making them at home since then

  • Also does anyone have any recommendations for upgraded (VST or the like) baskets to fit a 54mm sage barista PF?

  • Sunday morning, realise I am drastically low on coffee, so I put an order I with Yellow Bourbon for a few bags.
    Monday, 930am, I get an email confirming dispatch.
    Tuesday, parcel arrived with 4 bags of their wares.

    @StevePeel, props to whomever is dealing with the dispatch, rapid!

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  • Ah nice one. That might even have been me yesterday. :)

  • Espresso tonic now on the menu, but more importantly on insta.

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  • Was not expecting tonic first for some reason!

  • It only really looks nice for the first few seconds when you’ve got the separation between the tonic and the espresso. I used a single shot for the pic to get more contrast between the two. A double mixes pretty quickly.

  • Ice and tonic first means the ice doesn't immediately melt. If you do the espresso before the tonic it'd melt all the ice. I do tonic and ice first, dump the espresso then stir.

  • Today's (this week's/month's) project.

    Single group Astoria Argenta in need of scale removal, new seals, new element, and some love.

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  • Trying this tonic lark out. Looks pretty anyway.

    Weirdly moreish.

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  • Putting a video of your espresso extraction on this thread? Damn brave of you ;)

    I oddly miss the hum of my Classic

  • 40g in 20s is as slow as it goes, it’s not even a classic, it’s an old model called a Cubika. Considering it cost £50 6 or so years ago, I reckon it does a pretty good job!
    Just chokes or channels if I try and get slower shots. Tastes good enough for me either way!

  • I've just ordered 2kg from Saka Caffe in Napoli direct. Bit expensive with the shipping but fun hopefully - trying the Classic Bar (60A / 40R) and the Crema Bar (40R / 60A.) I'm interested if fresher beans make a big difference. Obviously not a like for like comparison, but the Passalacqua Mehari we liked was around a year old from the importer in the US.

    I'm trying to persuade a mate here to take a some so we make a score from Toraldo too. Don't like to keep more than a few kgs on hand, personal like...

  • I think maturing is a thing with traditional Italian roasting isn’t it? That bell curve between resting, ideal, and staling / decline is a lot broader. The robusta harshness mellows but it still stabilises the blend.

  • Makes sense... they certainly don't seem to budge much. The only one I've actually tried back to back, new vs old is Lavazza Super Crema, which for a hot minute was getting punted out on Amazon for 12bucks a kilo. Didn't really notice any difference.

    Anyways, got the rest of the Mokaflor Oro to bash through first. Might have to give the espresso tonic a go later, I reckon it would be handy in that.

  • Bit odd, not entirely disagreeable. Think I’d prefer the deconstructed, alcoholic version. Shot of espresso, gin and tonic chaser…

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  • Kahlua or baileys? Is drambuie coffee? It’s been so long

  • Afternoon, sorry for the slight hijack but I have a used Iberital MC2 grinder I need to clear as I have upgraded. Reason for the upgrade is that the motor is struggling with new beans on very fine espresso grinds - it jams basically. It is spot on still for more coarse filter grinding so I was intending to keep it and run two grinders but don't really have the space and my Mrs didn't buy that idea...

    I have had it 7-8 years and condition is fine. Nothing really to speak of, can do pics if someone is bothered but its all intact and no cracks.

    It could also be used for parts obviously. They're £130 on Happy Donkey. £30 ish anyone? Collected N22 please.

    Cheers, J.

  • You’ve all peer pressured me into trying espresso and tonic. So much better than expected! Cheers!

    Also, saw this dope ass cutaway of an E61 grouphead today picking up some spare baratza bits.

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  • Where's that? Got a Sette that's a few years old and I should probably think about picking up some spares

  • Where's the best place to shift my Rancilio S26?

    It's a huge machine, currently plumbed in, works but could do with a clean and service and I want to replace it with something smaller and ditch this rather than piss about with it.

    There was a pristine one selling over here for mucho dolares but I can't be bothered doing a full tear-down like this guy:­ancilio-s24-hx-single-group-light-commer­cial-coffee-espresso-machine-serviced-%C­2%A3500/

  • The greatest cold coffee thing I've had is coffee granita with cream.

  • Not local unfortunately. This place is UAE based.

  • Probably eBay for sold as seen no haggling best price I would guess?

  • Planning on getting an AeroPress for my dad as a gift and I saw there is a "Go" travel version.

    Anyone with any experience?

    What appeals is that it'll take up less space in their cupboard - I find mine a bit of a pain to find space for sometimes.

    It'll mainly be a toy/way for him to make espresso-style coffee. It might be taken on trips, but probably won't.

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Coffee Appreciation

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