Coffee Appreciation

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  • Slightly off topic, so apologies in advance. How are you getting on with the Vitamix stainless steel container shown in your photograph? I like the idea, but wonder how it is in practice being opaque, e.g., how does one know whether something solid is not reaching the blade, requiring the tamper?

  • Right that's my morning brew sorted. Was using 15/250 and not really feeling it this morning

  • I got the stainless container in anticipation of having hot things to mix up periodically, not comfortable with the plastic for that. The opacity has not been an issue as you can hear (and see through the lid) when hard items make it to the bottom. Regardless, I use the tamper to get that whirlpool action going, and then you know for sure that it’s all reaching an even consistency. I love the stainless thing, it’s robust and reminds me of how milk shakes used to be served in restaurants.

  • Thanks. It sounds like something to add to our Vitamix.

  • On the coffee grinder thing - I repurposed a novelty gift into something useful for keeping the counter clean. Works super well TBH.­velty-Tabletop-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B000BNT­QCY

  • It depends on the coffee, if the water is looking a bit thin while brewing in the v60 then try a slightly finer grind and more weight. I go between 15 and 18g like others have mentioned.

  • That’s a really good idea. Might have to lift one of those as my old Mazzer is a little bit incontinent.

    Random Q but when did Espresso roasts start getting so much lighter? My mate has a roasting business here in LA and I don’t get on with his at all. It’s interesting and fruity, but more acidic than I like.

  • Random Q but when did Espresso roasts start getting so much lighter?

    When the third wave hit.

  • All the temp. Boil the kettle, make the coffee.

  • I did exactly that. Ran a bit fast so need to tighten it up but already a tastier cup at that ratio. Thank you sir.

  • Morning all, our kitchen coffee grinder (Iberital MC2) is on its way out after 10 years of hard graft on the espresso machine.

    I am keen to replace and upgrade hopefully, got a few hundred quid to throw at it for something decent if anyone has anything they want to shift?

    Cheers, James.

  • I would wait for the July queue to open up on Niche Zero kickstarter page. Took only a month from ordering to delivery (I did join the queue only on the day before deadline)

  • I have a Mahlkonig Vario I'm selling for £200

  • Cleaning and descaling a moccamaster after 100 filters used.
    Is Clean Drop the only way? I don't want to run a load of citric acid through and fuck up the machine.

  • I personally think they are talking bollocks. If you use the appropriate dilution of Citric Acid it won't harm the copper parts any differently to the acid they put in Clean Drop.

    I can't remember exactly but I think the usual recommended Citric Acid solution is roughly 1% to 2% by water weight.

  • Yep, branded cleaning tablets/powder are a scam IMO. One thing I will say about using citric acid is be careful to keep it off any chromed bits (though this would be the same as using Clean Drop, assuming it's just citric acid in a branded packet) as it can damage the finish.

  • Yeah, I agree. But the one thing branded stuff does do is, it's made to a consistent strength....

  • PM sent thank you.

  • There's no secret really. Get a litre of water and dissolve 10g to 20g of citric acid in it.

  • Citric Acid solution is roughly 1% to 2% by water weight.
    I didn't read this right.

    I read it as 1% citric acid solution in a volume/mass of water. Rather than 1g in 100 ml. I don't know why.

  • Blimey I use 10%! Not caused an issue and it’s been done dozens of times on my machine

  • I usually use closer to 10% too!

    Then again, I've never put it through copper pipes before so maybe Moccamaster aren't bullshitting about that. I suspect that they are though.

  • Also while I did just say that the branded tablets are a scam, I do still use Cafiza for general cleaning (as opposed to descaling). It's pretty effective and nowhere near as extortionate as the sort of cleaning tablets I was referring to.

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Coffee Appreciation

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