Coffee Appreciation

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  • Welcome and good luck!

    Hit me up if you need green beans in the future, I work for an exporter/importer

  • Tbf I’d go for the sage.

  • Rancillio Silvia? Any particular thing you're looking for that the Gaggia doesn't provide?

  • Went through the process of searching and researching recently and got myself a (modded) Classic as basically I couldn't find better value for my budget.

    The Silvia gets a lot of love but in my experience will always cost you £100+ more than the Classic, so it depends where your budget is at. Mine came with the pressure already set at 9 (or 9.5?) bars, Rancilio wand and a PID and for the the money I paid I couldn't find of a better and more cost effective alternative - Silvias were always £100+ more. This is looking at second hand by the way, it might look different if you were interested in buying new admittedly.

    No experience or knowledge with Sage but in buying a Classic (and a Silvia) you're buying something that is very widely used, modded and repaired and with tons of spares and aftermarkets parts knocking around which for me was a big plus - my old machine (far more 'consumer' type) lasted about 2/3 years before getting knackered and making it hard to justify a big repair, which for me was not enough for the outlay and sheer waste so I was keen to get something I knew could be serviced and repaired as and when to guarantee a long life. Many 20+ year old Classic being used today and still working admirably if looked after and serviced which is a big thumbs up for me.

  • @TTM ‘s Mazzer arrived today.

    Took some messing around with, and I’ve gone for a temporary ghetto single dose setup rather than use the normal doser. Makes much better espresso than the Iberital, or dialling in seems a lot easier at least.

    Only did some tasting, as it’s 8pm, and also had to give the Gaggia a bit of love to get it working after a long break since it’s last use.

    Still, looking forward to having an espresso in the morning rather than just making a cup of filter that I end up downing.

    I’ve read that this pancake doser can be modded into a single dose chute. Which is less than a tenth of the price of the mazzer one!­Stainless-Dispenser-Accessories/dp/B07X1­Y8LPM/ref=asc_df_B07X1Y8LPM/

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  • Fantastic.

    Glad you can taste the difference already. I too went from the IB2 to the Mazzer and was blown away by how much better shots tasted.

    I’d read about that pancake mod, but never got round to doing it. Please post pics if you do go down that route and I hope the machine serves you well for many years to come. It’s certainly built to last!

  • Yeah reckon I’m gonna order the pancake thing. Just need to figure out how to make blowing it out less messy. Currently it just flings grounds everywhere. Might get a little brush to do the chute on the main body.
    There’s a guy that’s made a nice mod for both the top and the front, but at £100+, it seems a bit spendy for now. Might try and make a top cap single doser from wood, hopefully a smaller hole at the top will stop grounds blowing out everywhere. I’ve been putting a tamper on top of the beans as they grind to stop popcorning too.

  • I’ve been putting a tamper on top of the beans as they grind to stop popcorning too.

    That’s what I did too. Worked fine. I also used a small paint brush to sweep the last bits into the grinder.

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Coffee Appreciation

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