Coffee Appreciation

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  • But seriously always good to have more coffee options on here alongside @StevePeel and @Matisse :)

  • I've been trying to figure out where I've been going wrong...

  • Ooh, I haven't tried Matisse yet.

    Got a link?

  • Can any of you coffee nerds give me some advice?

    I make filter coffee with the occasional cafetiere brew. I normally drink my coffee with milk.

    What should I look out for when shopping for coffee to ascertain whether a particular bean works well as filter and with milk? Is there a process that leads to coffees better suited for filter? Any clues in tasting notes or roast levels?

  • Hello Shai. Just followed your insta 👍

  • How are you doing? Back at work or still recuperating?

  • Also I love my YBCR t shirt

  • Ah nice one! Yes just home from my first full day back, it’s been brilliant. I’ll be proper fucked tomorrow so I’ll be back in on Friday as we took delivery of loads of new coffees today that we need to trial roast.

    Got your email, I’ll get back to you tomorrow 😊

  • Thanks mate. Some lovely sounding stuff there.

  • @StevePeel thank you so much for this, that’s incredibly kind. However as long as the occasional shot doesn’t kybosh my machine I’m very happy to stick with it - no need to waste the coffee I already have. For future reference is there a different grind / special instruction I should ask for when ordering in future? Cheers

  • The simplicity of Robot and 1Zpresso is brilliant.
    After only ever having V60/Aeropress set up at home and work previously. It’s nice to change it up with Espresso.
    After working my way though a 1kb bag of YB, I’ve ordered various 250g bags of James Gourmet to try out. This was the second shot pulled from their Chapin Blend. 16g into 40g as recommended by JG. With YB espresso blend, I was pulling 16g into 32g

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  • I've been wanting to visit Beats and Grind to see my mate Nav and try your coffee since he started up but getting to catford has proven a lot more difficult than I expected.

    Will have to take you up on this generous discount so I'll be able to tell if he makes a better coffee than me when I do finally make it over there haha.

  • @HatBeard Ha Ha, Nav is great. I'm sure he makes a better coffee than me :)). When you do manage to come down stop at the roastery to say hi too!

  • Today, I am trying Boki Blend!

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  • Cheers, I eventually took your advice yesterday!

    I haven't tried the beans I bought yet, but the coffee I got from there was very good.

  • Not sure if this of use to anyone here, Baratza Encore 'secret' pre-order. Not sure of the actual scarcity of these things but still:­-baratza-encore-coffee-grinder-pre-order­

  • Posting this in the off chance there’s anyone wanting to shift theirs...

    Looking to get the 16/22 IMS filter for my Gaggia Classic (26.5mm tall as regular PF won’t take more), which also goes by the sexy name of B682TCH26.5E. It’s currently out of stock on Espresso Solutions where it’s quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else, so thought it might be worth putting the feelers out before waiting for a restock or spending more elsewhere. VST 20g is also an option as seems to be equivalent and 26mm tall.

    Might be tempted by 15g baskets too as I’m on the stock which clogs relatively easily and many seem not to rate much and that’s a size I use most often.


  • I have a bunch of coffee books and back issues of Barista magazines, free to a good home if anyone wants them?

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  • I would love to take Professional Barista Handbook (ideally all other books, but I am sure others will be interested too!) Where are you based?

  • .

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  • What are the alternatives to the gaggia classic.

  • It probably won’t surprise you to learn I have thoughts on this....­out-the-4thnbspwave

  • Be interested in Uncommon Grounds if available :)

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Coffee Appreciation

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