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  • Are there any good camping v60/filter drippers? Trying to sort my #coffeeoutside #rig and a v60 is too much bag real estate.

  • I'm sure snowpeak do a folding dripper? Think the usual solution is a hand grinder that fits inside an aeropress.

  • I have the GSI ultralight java drip and don't rate it that highly. Getting the grind/pour right is tricky and I often end up very weak brews from it.

    A friend has this which works well as you can play with the immersion time to compensate for different grinds.­Serve-Coffee-Buddy/dp/B0087SPTLC

    More recently I got a GSI coffee rocket but am yet to try it while camping - initial test brew at home was ok and it's easier to use than the ultralight dripper.­-Rocket-Grinder-Multi-Colour/dp/B07M7ZWM­Q8

  • Other option is those paper ones you hang over a cup

    Snow Peak is nice but pricey but nice and matchy with Titanium folding mug

  • All good recommendations, thanks, but I've gone for a silicone 'Wolecok' for infrangibility. Plus it has a karabiner so it must be for camping.

  • That looks pretty, pretty, pretty good

  • I know you've purchased now, but I'm a convert to the "cowboy" method.

    Boil some water, let it cool for 30 secs or so, add your coffee, stir and cover for a couple of mins, stir again (scrape off the crap if feeling fancy) let sit for 2 more mins, decant carefully into mug.

    Lots of advantages - no extra kit, minimum faff, minimum rubbish - plus easy to brew a big pot for two plus people, or just do a small one for yourself.


    Obviously the Bripe is the ultimate outdoor coffee brewer

  • I have one of these but found it pretty bad. Hard to find filters and the holes at the bottom clogged when the paper sank into them. If you've bought it use it but personally I didn't get much mileage out of it. Tetra Muieq is better, but you have problems with bed uniformity (same on all of these folding designs, but at least it's plastic so has some thermal insulation unlike snopeak titanium etc)

    Unless I really need the pack space I just use a 1 cup plastic v60. It doesn't weigh much more and the result is going to be palpably better.

    The best engineered solution is probably the orphan espresso flatpack­Ultralight-Travel-Coffee-Dripper-with-Ty­vek-Bag_p_140.html but I don't own one.

  • You guys! OK I've cancelled the order and will try 'cowboy style' or just danglemug a v60.

  • If you've cancelled it then I think that's for the best. It seems like it's just a badly could it go...but they do go badly. You'll be better off without it in your life.

  • I have a SnowPeak folding dripper I would like to sell as I'm not using it and prefer the Aeropress in this situation (even if it's bulkier).

  • Cowboy method also pretty okay tbh.

  • Never heard it be called the cowboy method but very similar to the Ethiopian stylee. When you pour into your cup do it in one motion and if you are serving more than one cup don't swish it back and forth when you pour, keep a continuous stream. I use a bit of netting loosely stuffed in the spout to help stop the ground ending up in the cup. I also roast my coffee most days like pictured, so you are more than welcome to ignore the tips!

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  • My Hario Skerton Pro burrs wore out and I decided to replace it.

    The only serviceable parts are a spare lever and the shaft, does anyone want this stuff as spares? Free ofc. Collection se22 or some weekday evenings at bike polo.

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  • What's the best bag of coffee I could get in a 10-minute walking radius of St James's Park Station?

    There's a little Waitrose and a few independent coffee places (Ravello, the Flat Cap coffee cart) but is there somewhere else better that I've not considered?

  • Maybe the branch of Hermanos if you walk towards Victoria? Should be 10 minutes.

  • Afternoon all.

    I want to take a moment to introduce you to Shai. Shai is the founder of @Mont58Coffee. Mont58 are are a roastery based in SE London (Catford I think) and I've been really impressed with their coffee. Given that there seems to be an appetite for supporting local businesses on here and that Mont58 deliver by bike, I thought I'd suggest to Shai that he offered LFGSS members a discount of some sort.

    I can't speak highly enough about my experiences with Mont58 so far. The first time I encountered them was when I ran out of coffee and sent a panicked Instagram message to figure out how I could get my fix. Shai was on my doorstep not long afterwards with a bag of the good stuff!

    I appreciate that we don't do advertising on here so I checked in with @velocio before arranging for this. Given that Pact and YB have offered us deals over the years and that Mont58 deliver by bike, the boss man was happy for Shai to pop by and talk to us about what he does. Just to be clear, I am not receiving anything in return for this introduction, I just want to see a good local business do well.

    Give them a shot, I'm glad I did.

  • Thank you so much. That is such an amazing endorsement and I am so pleased you're enjoying the coffee! Delivery locally by bike was our goal straight from the get go and as well as obviously being kind to the environment it provides employment to local people, which is great to be able to do.

    We want to offer a 20% discount to all LFGSS members. Check out our website and use voucher code LFGSS58 to get your discount. All the coffees are of course Fair-trade, our packaging is compostable and recyclable. We have a really good selection of single origins, our own blends and a good range of organic coffees.

    Check us out!

  • Welcome.

    You’re local to me, so I’ll be sure to put an order in very soon.

  • I'm currently sipping a mug of your Guatemalan beans. One of my favourite coffees in recent times. I don't know enough about coffee to be able to describe why but for whatever reason its just makes really nice filter coffee for me.

  • Perfect timing - I've just run out of beans. Just ordered a small selection!

  • people usually add water

  • Is it 4th wave tho?

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Coffee Appreciation

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