Coffee Appreciation

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  • Start off with 60g ground coffee per litre of water and steep it for 5 minutes. If it’s too weak go for a bit more coffee or vice-versa. Something like our Brasil, Colombia or Guatemala should be satisfyingly full-bodied if you’re using YB. :)

  • I want to get a friend of mine some fancy beans for his birthday, probably a geisha. But all I really know about it is that it’s fancy, rare and relatively expensive. Any recommendations on what to look for? Or is Yemenia the new new?

  • It is nice though.

    I'd look at some of the limited releases from the barn, or you could do a rare sub from Colonna (I have one, it is nice getting a 'special' bag of beans through every few weeks)

  • Where is your friend from and is he a coffee nut?

  • To be fair I think all the extra equipment people name as essentials like scales/times/naked PF etc etc are not essential at all, and if you know how to make coffee, you will make a good coffee without any of that, especially with a machine/bean combo you know.

    They are useful tools that can help you guide your way through the process (though I think it can be quite distracting as well) or give you some pointers as you learn, but ultimately not something anyone who's made a fair few coffees should need to pour a decent one.

  • To be fair I think all the extra equipment people name as essentials like scales/times/naked PF etc etc are not essential at all

    I'd argue that scales and shot timing essential if you want consistent results with espresso. I couldn't eyeball the difference between 14 & 15 grams of beans. But I could certainly taste the difference. Naked portafilters I agree are not essential, but are useful to spot issues when tamping. I imagine they're mainly purchased because they look great when being used.

    Filter is obviously a lot more forgiving and you could probably get away without the scales and timing. But given a decent set of scales can be had for £10, and most people have a timer on their person. It seems a shame not to take advantage of using them.

    You can easily have an excellent filter set-up for around £50 (decent hand grinder + V60/aeropress/French press etc.), I'd argue it's tricky to get a decent espresso set up (new) for around £6-700. At that point, spending an extra £10 for a set of scales to give you consistent results seems like a no-brainer.

    Also, if you're making lattes/flat whites or whatever, you very easily mask a bad espresso with some well textured milk.

    I'd honestly be surprised if someone could make a decent run of espressos without measurement of dosage and monitoring of shot times, especially the former.

  • I should correct myself, measuring the amount of coffee in is definitely important! Be it through a calibrated timer on a grinder or done by weight. I meant using scales to observe the grams of coffee out isn’t necessary with a bit of experience. Again, it can help, but I wouldn’t say it’s something necessary.

  • Ah I see, my bad! I'd say measuring/timing the output is handy to get you in the right ball park when dialling in a very different set up. But yeah, once you're in the ball park doing it by taste is your best bet IMO (though I still monitor shot times just to ensure consistency).

  • What was the go to filter and espresso hand grinder? JX pro?

    Is there something decent in the £80 price range? It’s a gift, so would need to be new.

  • Recommended shop to buy a moccamaster? Doesn't seem to be that many places that sell them and a couple of the top offerings from Google have pretty dodgy reviews.

  • Thanks, I’ll look into it!

    He’s a mild coffee nut. Watches Hoffman, has a Sage grinder and machine but not properly obsessive. Not UK based though (out in the UAE).

  • Bit random, but looking to buy a v60 to go with the grinder I bought (went for a timemore c2 on sale for £60 at sigma coffee). This popped up:­coffee-kit-and-divine-coffee-250g-bag-ro­asted-delivered

    10% off if you sign up for the mailing list, means you get a nice filter set up and a bag of beans for £22.50. Seemed an absolute bargain to me considering that you can’t seem to buy a v60 online for less than a tenner at the moment. Thought it was worth mentioning. No idea what the beans will be like tho!

  • I have a JX Pro which I use for espresso and would recommend, though it would be about 50% over your budget - I think it worked out at around 120-odd quid when I ordered mine direct, which is the cheapest way to order.

    Took about 10 days to arrive with no extra charges, thought I think that might be a bit of a lottery and I was expecting to be charged £18 on top (think it's 6 plus 12 handling charge).

  • Yeah, I needed it delivered by the end of the week (panic birthday present after I missed the boat on my initial plan).

    With the timemore on sale at £60, and the above brew set up for £22.50, seemed like a pretty nice combo. Just hope my Dad actually uses it!


    My shout - I like the packaging and seems nice for a present

  • But the Barn is deffo a good shout too

    FCP look like they have some nice beans in at the moment maybe @Matisse could advise on something special

  • My portafilter finally arrived

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  • i seem to remember some alibaba scales being discussed recently. Would they fit on top of a Rancillio grate in order to measure shots as they are being pulled.

  • I only drink black coffee at home but my girlfriend likes a frothy number. Any recommendations for a decent milk frother? Will be used with oat milk if that makes any difference.

  • I can't believe I'm going to risk evening mentioning a Nespresso product in this thread, but my mum and dad have a Nespresso Aeroccino and it is fantastic at what it does, and is very easy to clean. Works well with Oatly Barista apparently.

  • The Bellman milk frother is brilliant, proper espresso machine quality. It’s my mate that imports them and sells them so make what you will of my recommendation, but I genuinely rate them.

  • Had some of their beans a few months ago and they were really great

  • @nefarious and @StevePeel thanks for the recommendations! I think ease of use and cleaning is probably going to be fairly near the top of the list of priorities, I can't see her using something too complex (or that requires more than 5 seconds worth of washing up) very often.

  • Oh also, @StevePeel, I've been absolutely hammering through the Yellow Bourbon Colombian beans, really enjoying them. I'm on my 3rd 1kg bag in not very long...

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Coffee Appreciation

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