Coffee Appreciation

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  • There's a great little coffee shop at Denmark Hill Station.­hill

    Alternatively, the filter at McDonalds by Camberwell Green is surprisingly decent (I'm guessing we've already covered the fact that McDonalds filter coffee is way better than it really should be in this thread)

  • Also Mono - down opposite Coldharbour Lane is good

  • ^ cheers both. Too late for today but I’m back there a few times in the next couple of weeks so will check them out.

  • I have not heard anything about McDonald's filter.

    Tell me more?

  • It’s much much better than you’d expect it to be.

  • Also Lumberjack, not too far away either.

  • Yes but I expect it to be so bad that better than that isn't very descriptive. How much better. All Mcdonalds? Which menu item exactly? Can I walk into a service station and ask for a filter coffee with my fillet o fish and be graced with a juicy little number? Please. I must know.

  • I can't remember if we've had this already? But the Flair Espresso 58 looks nice. Named for it's standard 58mm portafilter. It has a preheat function, but the preheat cable/implementation looks kinda gash. At $500, I don't think it's too bad of a deal in theory, as it can still be used without power. With that said, I'd still buy a Robot at a lower price than the Flair, or a La Pavoni at the higher end.

    Having now watched the video in full, workflow looks finicky and far more time consuming than the Robot. Pass.­vs4

  • That tamper can gtfo

  • Just the regular "coffee" (not americano), honestly if I went into LFGSS-certified third-wave coffee shop (sorry, I'm sure that'll disappear soon). I'd be perfectly satisfied with it.

  • Almost definitely too late, but when I was based there I liked Lumberjack down on camber well church st, but there’s also mono on Denmark hill down opposite Nando’s or the cafe in Denmark hill station does a serviceable flat white close by.

  • Totally unrealistic.

    I mean - he has a Fellow Atmos, and you can't buy those for love nor money.

  • In stock on their website and they ship to the UK. Appreciate there's tax. But yah. Available.

    And have them...?­atmos-coffee-storage

  • To be fair, I've not looked since before Christmas.

    Time to get buying.

  • 1zpresso jx-pro users ... i think I'm being a bit thick, but how many rotations is 1 click?

    so if I go clockwise until I can't anymore I reach the 2.2 mark ... acccording to the 1zpresso guide, pour over is at 4 whole numbers away. ... so I should be moving to here? but its close to espresso grind!

    Am I meant to go 4 whole revolutions around? it does look to be getting coarser, that's almost TOOOOOO fine an adjustment.

    plz help.

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  • Yes, each revolution takes you between the large numbers at the top of the diagram, next to where it says rotations. Right now you are at 0.2.5 (full rotations. numbers on dial.dots between numbers on dial) so let's say you want aero press you need to get to 2.4.0 all the way to 3.0.0

  • ah cheers! that makes more sense now.

  • Hard Lines coffee have 25% off their Kilo bags of House Party with code: BIGBEANBAG

    Really enjoy this for spro's if you fancied trying something new

  • Anybody here got a second hand Encore or Svart or equivalent they wanna sell me before I splash out on a brand new one? Thanks

  • Hoffmann has dropped his aeropress video.......but it's a series and this one is just the introduction.


  • Guy knows how to build hype

  • Part two will just be "put it in the bin"

    Also I dissed the fellow X dripper a couple of pages ago. I've been messing around with it more lately and I'm sorry to say it's actually really good. Fuck the proprietary filters though I just smash v60 ones in there. My repeatability is down but the coffee is good.


    They are good, depends on how much time you have, they are about 10 mins walk from the hospital. Closes at 3pm.

  • Cheers, added them to my list!

  • What’s my takeaway from the first Hoffman Aeropress video?

    1. It’s a bit of a jack of all trades.
    2. It’s inconsistent.

    So I’m interested to see what the next couple of videos come up with, but I think I’m unsubscribing after those. I found his early videos quite enlightening but, longer term, I feel like he’s spoiling my enjoyment of coffee. For best part of a decade I’ve been making perfectly good espresso drinks by eye, without a grinder and without scales. I feel like I’ve been maybe goaded into messing with that process and it’s broken something somewhere. I sometimes flick over to another forum I used to use a lot (where they’re not generally Hoffman watchers) and it’s interesting to see that they’re mostly using more traditional machines and not spending £££ trying to chase things down to the nth degree. It’s been interesting learning from him about grind, roast, pressure and water etc but maybe I’m done with that now.

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Coffee Appreciation

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