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  • I used a kg79 for a few years and it did a good job. However, I wish I had just bought a sage dose control from the start. The jump from KG to Sage was bigger compared to pre ground to KG imho.

  • I'll throw in the token Rhino hand-grinder + drill option for a cheap & decent filter grinder (to be honest, even by hand they're relatively quick for filter).

  • Thanks all - have just ordered the Wilfa Svart.

  • Could someone with better search skills than me please help me find a spare part for a friend?
    Need a new mesh basket for a VonShef 13/163 coffee grinder/maker as the mesh gauze has had it.

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  • Have moved from light to medium in anticipation of the portafilter arriving

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  • Is that in the brewing chamber? Could try bunging a paper filter in.

  • he needs to replace it, in the 3rd pic you can just about make out the blade that chops up the beans, I don't think you can use a paper filter, as the "grinds" would be underneath the filter

  • Man that thing is disgusting.

  • Beans that last a year? Really?

  • not going to disagree with you, but that's besides the point. its a machine that is used daily, and I took the pic straight after it was used. it does get cleaned, I assume that's what may have broken the gauze. anyway, post a link to the spare part or go back to being a yank :)

  • There’s no way these will last a year. I go through a kg every month

  • I’d worry about any roaster who thinks their beans are good for a year.

  • I'm a good few days into a new batch of coffee from Mont58 after trying them a year ago and being slightly underwhelmed.

    Can confirm that I was just making shit coffee at the time. Going back to it after learning to weigh coffee, measure water, grind correctly and it knocks my socks off. We usually buy from Monmouth and Yellow Bourbon. We'll be Yellow Bourbon and Mont58 from now on I think.

  • It's probably more about needing an expiary date for selling food.

  • That's a best before date, not an expiry / use by date.

    So technically correct - they probably are better if they are less than a year old.

  • @sumo

    Mr Ts&Cs @tw has said it. A roasting date and a best before of 3-4 months after this would be more accurate. Claiming ludicrous longevity shows a lack of care about the product and the consumer.

  • Mont58 is sold around the corner from me & I've been eying it up for a while this is all the convincing I need.

  • I presume it’s a legal requirement. Either way I reckon it would taste fine in 12 months

  • I posted a referral code a few days back but I'm going to ask Shai if he can do a proper forum discount too.


    Best Before, Use By and Food Dates Explained

    When making decisions as to whether to eat “out of date” food you can ignore both sell by and display until dates. The dates you want to pay attention to are best before and use by.

    The Rule of Thumb

    Food that has passed its best before is safe to eat, but the flavour and texture may change over time. Use your own common sense and preferences to assess it. A sniff and taste test is the best way to do this.

    Food that has passed its use-by date is not safe to eat.

    Best before
    Best before dates are an indicative guide of when the quality of food or drink will start to change. They are not to do with safety. Food that has passed its best before date is safe to eat.

    Best before should be considered a rough guide rather than a strict rule. There is no reason to throw away food that goes past its best before date, it is perfectly safe to eat and will often taste just as good.

    The government has actually considered scrapping best before dates to help prevent food waste. Best before dates can give a misleading impression that food is no longer suitable for consumption, meaning lots of consumers will throw out their food after the best before date has passed when they don?t need to. The UK throws away seven million tonnes of food and drink every year; two million of this is thrown away by households and 670,000 of this is food that has been thrown out because food labels have been misinterpreted. The majority of this could have been eaten. This costs households an average of £470 year in wasted food annually.

    If you want to reduce your food waste footprint, don?t throw out food just because it has passed its best before! To find out how food changes in taste and texture over time, visit our product specific pages detailing how long after the best before date you can eat different foods.

  • Use the roasting date if you give a shit, use the expiry date if you don't.

  • Oh nice! I'll be sure to use it

  • go back to being a yank :)

    Ok boomer

  • Anywhere near Kings College hospital good for coffee? Urgent - I’m here now!

    (I know, should have asked earlier...)

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Coffee Appreciation

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