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  • Severin ka 5995

    I’ve had a good look on the internet and struggled to find anything

  • I have a 58mm machine and the shower screen is exactly 58mm wide, so I guess that's what you measure, but I suspect that machine will require a proprietary PF and possibly proprietary basket.

  • In coffee I didn't make myself news, made it out to Bon, Browns of Brokley's new spot in Dulwich this morning - pretty ace. There's a pretty great bunch of coffee spots in Dulwich now; Lane Eight, Oru, Bon all distinctly better than your run of the mill.

  • I’ve measured quite crudely with a tape measure and I’d say it’s 60mm

  • But it could also be 58mm

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  • On the portafilter chat, be wary that not all portafilters of a given size will not be interchangeable. The little lugs on the sides can differ between machines so try to find one for the specific machine.

    Edit: Just had a look and realised it has 3 lugs on it instead of the normal 2. Honestly never seen a portafilter with that shape before!

  • If you want to measure it, I think you should measure the shower screen, the basket probably has sloped walls, so that when fitted there's a suitable gap between grinds and shower screen.

    As others say, you might be out of luck getting a different pf to fit.

    Oh and I just noticed you measured the outside edge, should be inside. So it looks around the 51mm mark, but the shower screen will be more accurate.

  • Excuse my ignorance which part is the shower screen

  • The first picture you showed

  • KINTRADE Coffee Bottomless Portafilter 51mm For Delonghi EC680/EC685 Stainless Steel Replacement Handle Basket Espresso Machine Accessory­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_T7BCK0B1ZAA5MW1ZR­V0H

    Maybe worth a punt?

  • Too small at 51mm I think

  • The diameter refers to the inside diameter of the basket, so about 52mm in your case. Could of course be 2” if American.

  • Hmmm I thought like Jonny that the measurement is the internal

  • A great Sunday game of guess my basket size!

  • Ah my bad! Gotta admit I've never actually measured a portafilter!

  • This accessory kit is sold on their website

    ZB 5996 Barista Starter Set Espresso Maker
    SKU ZB 5996
    tamper diameter approx. 51 mm - suitable for most portafilter espresso machines

    I would imagine the tamper was designed to fit your portafilter

  • I’m going to try this and see how I get on

  • New display/PCB unit has fixed my grinder, thank fuck for that... Now I just have to dial in my espressos again, first two came out shit... I think a recalibration is in order...

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  • I'm drinking a coffee from a roastery I hadn't heard of before, a honey processed Costa Rican from Girls Who Grind, they only work with female led, small scale producers­r-sourcing-philosophy
    The bonus is it tastes really good!

  • That's very fourth wave of you, H...

  • Sounds great BTW, a terrific enterprise!

  • Dark Arts were giving away a free box of their beans with every order for International Womans Day a few weeks ago. I had the Guatemalan and it was fantastic. Ordered some more direct from them yesterday. Looking forward to trying more of their stuff.

  • Yeah that's how I found out about them. I didn't need any more beans at the time but did more recently.

  • That's very fourth wave of you

    I think I'm done with this third wave shit too. I don't think I was ever into it anyway.

  • My evil plan is coming to fruition.

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Coffee Appreciation

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