Coffee Appreciation

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  • Bang! Adding that to my coffee notion

  • Is there any reason why Monmouth's mail order doesn't get much love in this thread? While I tend towards Yellow Bourbon for most of our coffee, Monmouth often has some real treats on offer imho.

    I'm the only one in this thread who likes Monmouth espresso blend. I'm happy for it to stay that way, thankyou.

  • Can't believe you drink Monmouth, coffee n00b!

  • LOL, thats me put in my place etc!

  • I worked right next to Monmouth Borough Market for a while and their filter coffee was damn good. Not sure if much has changed since then (stopped working around there in late-2017).

  • Except that Monmouth have been doing it since the 70s and couldn’t give a fuck what the latest trend in under-developed grapefruit pith coffee by a self taught roasting-business-by-numbers is.

  • Guess where I learned my trade

  • I use Compass Coffee and Black cat coffee, all good stuff.

  • That is such a ridiculous take on Monmouth, especially the Brewdog comparison.

  • Ordered the Svart. Shall report back

    Rueing decision to order from a Polish website forgetting about brexit. Presumably my grinder has been in a warehouse in Calais for the last three weeks. Had I ordered from the UK site I’d have had it a fortnight ago. Feck.

  • Haha! Nonsense.

  • ^re: Monmouth = Coldplay.

  • No you guys are right, Monmouth is on the leading edge of third wave, now let's go back to the monthly discussion about which is better, Lavazza or Tesco Finest.

  • I'm taking part in a test for someone of a 3D printed kit which extends the height of the water filter and adds space for PID, as well as a glycerin filled gauge and dimmer. The kit comes with a led strip for the water tank too. I've also added a better basket and a bottomless PF. I'll send you a photo when I've finished the review for the kit. By the time this is finished my GC should be as good as anything under a grand!

  • discussion about which is better, Kenco or Maxwell House.


  • Does not being on the leading edge of the third wave (listen to yourself ffs) equate to being lowest common denominator mediocre pap now?

    Don’t feel you have to answer. I don’t give a brown log of shit.

  • listen to yourself ffs

    who even needs nuance or tone of voice, just read the words literally, it's what they're there for.

  • At least throw Union into the ring guys come on

  • Haha sums it up to perfection for me. Then again, I'm not so into the first/second/third wave stuff and am pretty old school and very much Italian when it comes to taste. When in central London I'll normally pop into the Algerian Coffee Stores on the Old Compton Road when fancying a good coffee top up, great choice and tasty beans for cheaper prices. Not sure if they post though.

  • Wow, even the coffee thread just got lufugussed...


  • Wow, even the coffee thread just got lufugussed...

    Is that when you squeeze the bag to release the CO2?

  • Close... It's when the oxygen gets sucked out of a thread...

  • The last few pages of this thread read like a coffee nerd version of People Just Do Nothing.

    Actual WTF.

  • I'm assuming 1st wave would be the oldest school.

  • My Pact espresso blend beans ran out so I popped down to Monmouth to top up, listening to Parachutes on my phone, but then I read this thread in the queue and ran home in tears.

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Coffee Appreciation

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