Coffee Appreciation

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  • Yeah, that one was special though don't expect all their stuff to have the same effect on you :D

  • That’s interesting- I’ve tried a 2 sec preinfusion but it resulted in an extremely slow pour and bitter coffee as it was blasted at 9 bars, so that might be a better option.

    Mine is a 2002, thicker walled non magnetic stainless with the logos printed on. Will need to have a look at the pump situation as regardless the year I suspect in a well cared for machine this might have been swapped out at one point or another..!

  • Anyone have any recommendations for low/no acidity coffee?

    Not even sure if this is a thing but my partner has a health issue which is exacerbated by acidic food and drink, and is really missing coffee.

  • I’ve recently gone through a bag of old government Java that is really low acidity. Bought mine from Guntons of Colchester but it looks like a few different roasters do it. Really nice and quite earthy/spicy so a bit different to regular light roast espresso stuff but I enjoyed it.

  • I like the look of this for sure. But as always, I need Hoffman to tell me if it’s any good first.

  • I just pulled the trigger too. Used Revolut instead of paypal for a better exchange rate. Hopefully it doesnt take too long to arrive.

  • Massive rep to @StevePeel again for lightning fast shipping and some excellent beans

  • You won't regret it. I was shocked at how well made/good it was. I thought the reviews I read on Amazon and stuff must've been exaggerating but it's all true.

  • If you do sell the Super Jolly, what kind of cash would you want for it?

  • Looking at their website is seriously tempting. Especially if I can get about £60-80 for my MC2.

    Do you use yours for espresso or filter?

  • I’d be happy to take £75 for it

  • Sweet, well give me a shout when your niche comes in and maybe we can sort something out!

    Out of interest, what was the single dose mod you did?

  • Both. Flawlessly. It's genuinely very very good at both.

    Huge burrs means grinding never takes long. Even at espresso. Quicker to grind than it is to boil the kettle. I don't wanna shill it too hard as I don't want people to be disappointed but I don't think you'd regret it.

  • I replaced the large hopper with a rubber camera hood to create a small hopper to keep the size down.

    I made some small ‘sweepers’ that sit on the arms in the dosing chamber. These sweep all of the coffee out and into the shoot.

    I also created some small funnels that sit inside the shoot to direct the grinds straight into the portafilter.

    When time comes and if you’re still interested, I’ll take proper pics and link to the mods.

  • Does anyone know where I could get myself one of the older Bialetti Brikka models, with the big pressure cap thing? Seems they've made a big redesign of the pressure valve, curious to hear any of your opinions on it too.

  • I had the old one, not really worth it imo.
    Get a Robot, or be happy with proper moka pot coffee.

  • I have the pressure cap thing, it's fine for what it is but I don't have extensive mokka pot collection to compare it against. What's the new pressure valve look like?

    edit I googled it:­ffee/bialetti-brikka-2020/

    Seems like a better system, but I don't really drink enough mokka pot to try the upgrade.

    The lid is very simple and has a minimum of moving parts, but it's quite unreliable, often going off if you knock the brikka, or going off then turning on again..etc.

    What I want is a brikka sized tamper...

  • @StevePeel

    How do you order 3kg a month subscription (all in one delivery) on the YB site?

    We're looking at an office subscription for the espresso blend

  • In reference to a Moka tamper, I had some brass machined to the right dimensions and attached a drawer pull, worked out well for me. The weight of the brass was all I needed.
    I understand that most (including manufacturers) don’t recommend tamping but I preferred the taste doing it that way.

  • Hi Neu, email the shop on they’ll see you right, I’m in hospital rn with a thing, everything is operating as usual though.

  • Ah sheeit. Hope the thing gets sorted! Sending good vibes.

  • +1 hope you're back in action soon Steve.

  • Thanks Steve, sorry to hear that.

  • +1, hope all is well Steve!

  • Thanks all x

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Coffee Appreciation

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