Coffee Appreciation

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  • In case anyone missed it, Workshop offer is still on until the end of the day today.

  • Thanks for sharing it, felt like pretty good value as the price is locked in.

  • Looking at the last few pages I feel it’s worth remembering that you can have incredible tasting espresso that looks a bit shit, and terrible tasting espresso that has a glorious crema.

  • I was about to mention that my measurements were limited to the heat sensitivity of my fingers. Thanks for clearing up!
    Quick research also concludes that plastic beats ceramic in basically every aspect that matters for flavour. It heats up faster and keeps the heat longer thus allowing a faster and more consistent brew.

  • We watch a lot of James Hoffman. At the extreme opposite end of the coffee review videos on Youtube, I bring you:­D7M


  • terrible tasting espresso that has a glorious crema.

    Made the worst tasting coffee today that had a thick crema this morning. 18g in 36g out in 30 seconds. Was sour as fuuuuuuck.
    Didn’t have time to make another.

    The new part for the MC2 can’t come quickly enough. Even using a drill on the hario slim takes forever.

  • I mean, amount crema is basically just a function of time passed since roast date right? (I guess a bit of correlation with higher pressure/temp). No real indicator of quality and is very bitter so a lot of crema would just make a bitter shot.

  • Pressure helps. You can get a thick crema from pressurised porta filters but they don’t make good coffee.

  • The build up, you know it's coming, then the sweet release as he delivers the line:

    *That, umm little shot, that's meant to be, that's like, that's meant to be like an Expresso*


  • I genuinely wish I hadn't pressed play. Before fully appreciating the horror of the content I'd considered showing this to my Italian mates who work in the coffee industry, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it now.

  • Maybe save it up in case one of them annoys you ...

  • I know its been asked 1000 times before, but what is the default suggestion for a £100-ish grinder?
    For filter machine.
    I have an Ascaso i-Mini for espresso duties. I tried winding it out for a coarser grind, but takes far too long to grind 50g coffee, and i worry about the motor.
    Plus its a pain to dial it back in for fine grinds.

  • You might be able to get a wilfa in a sale or second hand for under 100£?

  • I use this, perfect for filter:­fa/wscg-2/1274

    (basically what @rj said - £90 Wilfa)

  • How much do I need to spend on a hand grinder for it to grind 20-40g of coffee for filter and not take FOREVER. I have my hario slim on backup duty while I wait for a spare part for the MC2, but it has got me thinking that I'd rather hand grind for filter (if it's quick) with a decent hand grinder and just leave the MC2 for espresso.

    It also means I have a travel grinder that isn't a mare to use. Bonus if the grinder can do a passable espresso, but that's less important. Just want it to grind the coffee well and quickly.

  • @nefarious my mates here (Italy) who take part in the brewer's cup / coffee competition shenanigans rave about Comandante hand grinders, but they are +/- €200

    Can grind for filter in 30 seconds.

  • Cheers +rj +MrMister that looks like what I want/ need

  • No sooner than I posted that, the new gear for the MC2 turned up. I wonder if part of the reason the grinds are fairly unremarkable is due to the drive gear and cone burr being attached, but the housing for the “ring” part of the burr is in a separate housing. These are screwed together, but not in a way that guarantees concentricity.

    Fuck it, better than putting the drill back on the hario slim for now. And it does seem like I’ve managed to dial the grind a lot closer to what I need for espresso. It pulled a very quick shot, but it tasted pretty nice tbh. 18g in, 40 out in like 10 seconds. But it wasn’t bitter, it wasn’t sour, it didn’t have the greatest body but it did taste nice. Fuck knows.

    Can’t wait to sell it and get something a bit better tho!

  • Can second the wilfa for filter. I'd been using an i1 mini for my espresso for years alongside the wilfa for filter. I recently upgraded to a niche for espresso but still use the wilfa svart for filter. The wilfa matches the niche for filter in my opinion.

    On a side note, I think the i1 mini is a great quality grinder and punches well above its price. The main reason I got the niche was because of its grind retention. I kept having to whack the i1 one to stop it retaining a gram or two.

  • 18g in, 40 out in like 10 seconds

    u wot m8

  • u wot m10


  • Innit. Was probably like 15 seconds. Was quick. Call the cops.

  • Huge if true. Sell recipe to cafes worldwide

  • Anybody want to take these Aeropress filters and funnels off me for £5?

    Collection from Putney SW15

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Coffee Appreciation

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