Coffee Appreciation

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  • I had one for three years of weekend work until the gearbox gave up under the added stress of lockdown.

    For what it cost it was pretty solid and consistent until then (and a definite step up from the Delonghi I had before), though often needed redialing in after a few cups.

  • If you know anyone with an NHS email address you might be able to get one for £99.99 direct from Sage. I asked nicely of customer services and got a £100 code.

  • Just picked up a Kinu Simplicity in readiness for Moog’s Gaggia Factory. Was heavily tempted by a JX Pro but this was only £20 more and, as is the law, I went with Hoffman.

    I’ll put up a mini-review if anyone’s interested but I don’t think I could add much more to the online conversation. It’s beautiful, it’s a pleasure to use and it grinds real good.

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  • .

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  • Took one for the team tonight. Decided I needed to know once and for all what acid is in Scale Away. Had a taste.

    Not dead. It’s citric acid.

  • Scale Away

    I hope Enya does the music for their adverts

  • Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait. Kidding, but this combo is very very good for the money.

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  • I want a robot so bad, but my involvement in the audiofile and gaming threads will go some way to explaining why I haven't bitten the bullet yet. Also, filter is really good ...

  • If I hadn't have got the robot with pressure gauge, upgraded tamp and robot hands for $395, I too would not have bought one yet. I also got the JX Pro with an Amazon voucher from cashback via my credit card, so it all feels like a pretty good deal. Selling my ROK will offset the cost too.

    The build quality on this thing is mental. Only annoying thing is having to purchase a new scale to fit under the legs.

    Agree on filter being really good - but why have one when you can have both ;-)

  • Bloody hell would rep.

  • Ooh, it's landed!
    You're going naked of course, yeah?
    Pics not required.

  • Yes yes yes ofc. Just put the spout back on once I'd played around. Didn't have much coffee left so once I'd run out I put it to one side.

  • That’s such a great set up :)

  • New scales for the office coffee sitch (right)... AU$9.35c... 😂

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  • Love this!

  • Global Coffee Festival runs today

  • I hope Enya does the music for their adverts

    Earworm every time I get the packet out...

  • Just had what I would consider to be my first very decent shot. Weirdly easy? Have done hardly any dialing in whatsoever to get there. 17 grams, 10 seconds at 2 bar, 27 seconds at 7-9. Waiting for a small scale to arrive today, so I watched Hoffman's review and followed his advice of using 58-60gr of water in for a 40ish gr yield. Solid advice. Extraction was much better than the shots I pulled yesterday. No pre-heat is a revelation! From grinding to drinking in like 2 minutes. Superb.

  • Weirdly easy?

    Yep, kind of freaked me out at the beginning.
    Still feels like I'm cheating...
    I do 17 - 17.8 grams in, don't measure water or extraction, but eyeball about 8mm left above water in basket and the same of coffee below the top of the cut on my Duralex glass.

  • Yeah, literally. Getting great shots now every time.

    Somehow just managed to sell the ROK that I got for $80, for $160, so that’s neat. Cost of the Robot just came down dramatically.

  • Hate you now, took a hit on the resale of the 9Barista...

  • Excellent setup

  • Less effort than the porlex was.
    I'm happy with it, but then again I did buy it with vouchers from work so it was 'free' and it's only used for cafetiere and moka. I'm definitely no Hoffman.

  • Lockdown supplies

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  • Word of warning about those Grunwerg french presses. I am finding it impossible to source new mesh filters for mine. I called the head office in Sheffield and they claimed they knew of no online vendors and did not think there would be any either.

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Coffee Appreciation

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