Coffee Appreciation

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  • Any intention to use for espresso? It's in my basket, just haven't dropped the coin yet.

  • Yeh, I have acquired my brothers old Gaggia deluxe, I just need to give it a good clean and order a portafilter

  • eBay shops here as well, always the cheapest!

  • is 4o sheets the price?

  • Ta everyone, Amazon or eBay is might well be then. I'll check local coffee shops first too but not been in many lately.

  • 6 months after purchasing it, I’ve finally got the MC2 working, with the new motor arriving 5 weeks after it was ordered.

    Time for a celebratory coffee order methinks!

  • I’ll drink to that.

  • If I ever upgrade I’ll split it into parts for everyone in this thread.

  • Also, the reduction of fines makes a massive difference. Not sure if I’ve got it fine enough, but just made a cup of light roast Ethiopian in the v60 and it’s a lot smoother/cleaner.

  • Hario v60 size 2’s are in stock on amazon

    Hario V60 Size 02 - 3 packs of 100 white paper Coffee filter VCF-02-100W (total 300 paper filters) Import Japan­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_88lFFb16N7DFB

  • Are we allowed to talk about the tasting yet? I want to talk about some spoilers.

  • I'm ready to spill......the beans (snigger)

  • In other news, wtf is experimental thermal shock

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  • Interesting that, had to look it up myself.

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  • So the first bit is selective picking, most high-scoring coffee gets this.

    Ozonated water is a water purification technique, so the initial washing process doesn’t introduce any contaminates.

    Anaerobic fermentation is leaving the coffee cherry sealed in plastic to sweat for a bit.

    Pulping is where the fruit is mechanically removed from the seed (bean)

    Then the interesting bit, the coffee is fermented in warm water, then in cold water. Usually it’s just done in cold water. This is to remove the sugary mucilage layer from the bean. What effect the ‘thermal shock’ has I’ve never tasted.

    Controlled drying takes place in big tumble driers. The tradition is to dry coffee in fresh air on patios or raised beds but mechanical drying is now commonplace as it is so much faster, more reliable and uses less space.

    What I would interested to know is what the same coffee would taste like just using a traditional washed process with mechanical drying. I’ve never had an anaerobic coffee I’ve enjoyed, they’ve all tasted like Christmas spices to me which I’ve always found repellent. It’s more that they defeat the subtlety of flavour and all you can taste is the process, much like all those really heavy boozy naturals. I’ve never met a coffee producer who’s interested in fads and bullshit, unlike a lot of roasters, so I’m sure there’s integrity behind it.

  • So after years of solo coffee drinking, my wife has got the taste for the good stuff. This means I have to brew 2 cups, not idea with my aeropress.

    Don't like french press, thinking V60 or Chemex. Not sure what the difference is, any suggestions for a 2 cup brewer?

    I have an electric wilfa, so adjusting grind sizes is not a problem.

  • The V60 decanter is great, really easy to clean and they're only around 30 quid.

  • You can do two cups with an aeropress - the original recipe is basically the method - you make a concentrate, push it out into a jug, and add water to taste. I quite like this method as it provides a really clean cup when you get it right. Plenty of how to's online.

    V60 is probably the cheapest to get started. The dripper is less than £10 for the plastic one, and the more expensive options have no benefit.

  • I have plastic v60 size 2 and this­60-glass-range-server-03-800ml?_pos=7&_s­id=df48e0fb0&_ss=r

    We were gonna get the decanter but I wanted the bigger capacity, and then you can use the v60 on it’s own when travelling. Not sure the v60 in the decanter works on its own.

  • I’ve knocked over and smashed two of the 1 litre glass Hario cold brew... brewers. Any recommendations for one of a similar size that’ll survive my clumsiness?

  • The dripper is less than £10 for the plastic one, and the more expensive options have no benefit.

    My plastic v60 has heat cracks & coffee oil staining, not sure affects function though. Ceramic one is as new after plenty of use but was eye wateringly pricey.

  • My clear one did that, but the white and red ones I've had are a different plastic and didn't do it.

    I'm too clumsy for a ceramic one.

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Coffee Appreciation

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