Coffee Appreciation

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  • It's not tamped at all and it's just shop bought ground coffee so doesn't appear to be too fine. By shop I mean supermarket not posh cafe.

  • Yeah, been there done that. They don't show how violent the output is in that video so their nice little shot of the dribble over the top is just the start, then it fucking hoses down the kitchen.

  • You've probably got the heat too high, if you're using boiling water you only need the stove on a medium heat to keep it bubbling.

  • Does it bubble over from the start, or just the end. Matron.

  • Yep, that was my next step. It's elec so I was just blasting it because of his comments about not heating the coffee up too much, so as to reduce bitterness. Devil in the detail I guess. You'd think super nerd with all his measurements and shit would've mentioned some kind of hotplate temp, even a guideline.

  • It starts gently and then ends in a gusher.


  • Filth.

    I use boiling water, with a high heat at first.

    Once the coffee starts to come through, I turn the heat right down.

    Once the coffee coming out starts looking frothy, I take it off the heat and put the base into a pan of cold water to stop if over-extracting.

    If I forget (or if my otherwise perfect wife makes the coffee), the whole lot starts spaffing everywhere and also turns into a bitter swill.

  • I’d be tempted to clean up the hole with a small file. It looks like there’s a bit of flash on the right hand side that might be an issue.

  • I use just boiled water and high heat.

    But the time between the flow starting and it hosing the hotplate down isn't much so I'm not sure turning the heat down then will be quick enough to do much. Maybe. But that also means I have to watch it. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  • The other side also has a hole in it, albeit much smaller. Are the supposed to have a hole on both sides or just one large one?

  • But that also means I have to watch it. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Have you tried instant instead?

  • I mean - by the spoonful. No need for water at all.

  • Yes. I still drink instant.

  • I used to do that at uni.

  • Most pics seem to have two holes. I'm going to "enhance" the other side. Maybe that's the issue - the small hole is causing the spraying rather than letting it flow out more gently.

  • I’d expect the holes to be the same both sides and the full width of the cutout, like this:
    If the hole is too small you’ll have a higher pressure stream of coffee coming out.

  • Wow, the hole side basically came out. Looks like it was a manufacturing issue. This should help!

  • How many cups have you had since then?

  • I've had one for two years now and absolutely love it. Fwiw, I moved away from a mid range espresso setup and the consistency and ease of use of the Moccasmaster are amazing. I have mine paired with a simple Wilfa grinder and it's great combo for at home coffee consumption, especially when WFH

  • working from home.

    well done for managing to miss that one this year of all years - I'm both surprised and jealous!

  • Didn’t know either, it’s okay though.

  • edited the above as sounded more sarcastic than intended!

  • No sweat, I don't really try to keep up.

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Coffee Appreciation

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