Coffee Appreciation

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  • More people need decaff in their life. Too much caffeine....

  • I've just got an espresso machine and grinder and have this morning gone through a bag of beans trying to get any resemblance of espresso coming out. I was grinding too fine and didn't know how much coarser I needed to go or how long it would take to get rid of the previous setting.

  • Who made your joystick and porta filter handles?

  • A person called Joey:­eate

    Quality is fantastic however I would not recommend as he took about 6 months to get it done and I therefore had to chase him 12 times to get the handles.

    Only get in touch if you can wait 6 months and have the motivation to motivate him and listen to his sob stories as of why he's not done what he said he'd do. He's as bad at timescales as a London tradesman. It stresses me out just thinking about it!

    EDIT: just checked his Insta which states BOOKS CURRENTLY CLOSED
    I imagine he's getting a lot of trade orders, which he needs to deliver on time...

  • At that price, you might as well get a a new one (£1,200 in every 10% sale) but it is a heat exchanger system with a vibration pump.

    For my set up, I went for ECM Synchronika which has a dual boiler system with a rotary pump which works better for me!

  • if you can wait 6 months and have the motivation to motivate him and listen to his sob stories as of why he's not done what he said he'd do.

    Kickstarter’s mission statement ^

  • Do we have an answer yet to the question of what kit for a home espresso (two / three per day)?

    Baratza Sette 270 (not the Wi version) and a Cafelat Robot look fairly attractive at the moment at the price point.

    (I like the look of the 9Barista too, and the Eureka Mignon Specialita)

    Any other recommendations?

    Currently everything is stovetop & either pre-ground, or using a Porlex.

  • Does anyone have a hand grinder that wants to shift? Nothing fancy.

  • I'm currently using the Sette 270 and Europiccola and am very happy with my setup. Would likely be perfectly happy with the Robot if it weren't for others wanting milk-based drinks.

    I think @withered_preacher can probably give some good insight as they're (I believe) a Robot & Mignon owner, and previously a 9Barista owner.

  • I'm happy to reiterate my enjoyment of the Mignon (Silenzio) and Robot combo.
    The Mignon probably retains more than the Sette, but in reading about it's robustness, quiet operation and of course it's grind consistency I was convinced. Haven't been sorry, and it has a nice small footprint too.
    The Robot didn't come up on my radar until a couple of days after I got the 9Barista. Mr Hoffmann's review of the Robot got me very interested and in diving into became convinced that I'd bought the wrong maker for me.
    9Barista is a beautifully made, but fairly complex beast of nickel-plated brass. It's quite heavy and mine was a pain to take apart post coffee as it was pressure sealed. This has apparently been rectified in recent models.
    The main 2 problems I see with it though are that you're kind of locked in to doses/amounts and that there was (for me) a significant temp drop down to the fact that the coffee dispenses first into the top of the pot which you then pour into your cup. As I learned later, the name of the thing plays on a bit of a myth when it comes to making espresso, that is that 9 bars of pressure is required. From what I've read, most lever machines will operate properly at 5-8 bar.
    The Robot is not only an easy machine to use and clean, it can make great espresso even when a plebe like myself is at the controls. The aesthetic is more 50s small appliance than steam punk like the 9Barista. I love how deceptively simple it is, how water does NOT flow through the machine, how you can dispense the coffee straight into the cup and how you're free to mess with grind, dose and water temperature.

    Any corrections to the above missive welcome

    PS - I have the one with the pro basket (naked) and without gauge, don't need it imo.
    PPS - prep time is faster too as you have to wait 6 minutes or so for the 9Barista to do it's thing. For the Robot, if you have an electric grinder it's basically the time it takes to boil water plus a minute for the preinfusion/pull.

  • Hey - wait a minute ...

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  • Now then ...

    Keep going ...

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  • What’s this?

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  • Look!

    It’s a boot!

    It’s a boot!

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  • Whoopee for Jonny69’s new boot!

  • I have the Robot & and a ten year old Vario and reckon you can't get better espresso combo without spending serious money. If I was to do over I would get a Niche Zero and the Robot again.

  • New motor is finally on the way for the MC2. Excited to see if I can finally get the fucker grinding!

  • Is there anywhere within easy walking distance of St Leonard's hospital in Hoxton where I can get a coffee that's better than 'not bad'? I've been working here a while and the best I've had is probably Moko Made with their personal blend from Vagabond, but not much else (Ello Darling's little Piaggio setup near the station was also a nice novelty but they're understandably MIA). Sorry if I've asked this before, I've just been back at the office for a few weeks and I'm craving espresso-based drinks.

  • It's a 15min walk from there, which may be a bit far, but Lanark on Hackney Rd do excellent coffee

  • Lanark is legit AF. Food game is tight too. And Dom and Greg are sound. Worth the walk.

  • Cheers, think that's actually doable on my lunch break and I can pick up a sandwich to take back as well.

  • Yeah, there are a few Lanark fanboys on this forum I reckon

  • Ha, I wasn't going to name and shame him, but yes!

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Coffee Appreciation

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