Coffee Appreciation

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  • Kinda frightening...
    I guess I'll be putting about a pound every two weeks or so through my new Silenzio, how soon should I dig in and give it a clean?

  • Good to know. Now just have to wait until the end of Oct for delivery...

  • I've got one.

    I know the espresso I get from the Niche is better than anything I've tried apart from a Mythos (which is enormous) and the grind retention for me is a winner. My wife only drinks decaf and over lockdown I also switched from grinding my filter with a handgrinder to just using the Niche, and swapping between filter and espresso grind is so easy.

    Is the K10 large flat burrs?

    The resale market for Niche is pretty're not losing much if you do a side-by-side comparison then sell it on.

    It's super easy to clean - I just did full strip down, clean and reassemble in 15 mins.

    The only thing some people don't like is the looks.

  • Anything between daily and once every couple of years šŸ˜‚

  • Cheers, Really useful information!

    K10 PB is a huge machine but conical burrs.

    It is an amazing grinder but if we want to make decaf or filter we tend to use a hand grinder and the hand grinder is really poor for making espresso grounds.

    There are continued rumours of a niche flat burr grinder which could be the answer to my wishes.

  • I sometimes order these coffee packs from HasbeanĀ­arter-packs/products/el-limon-pack
    Before I order I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation of something similar thatā€™s worth a try?

  • Sounds like it'll be right up your street.

    A flat burr Niche at around Ā£7-800 would be total winner

  • For a domestic grinder??

  • Clearing out some coffee bits and wondered if anybody here wanted a Hario 01 V60 and 25 filter papers for Ā£5.00 collected from Balham.

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  • Maybe I'll compromise and clean it every couple months or so...

  • Given we have the compak at the moment and paid around that for it second hand, yes

  • Well have a look at the prices of new espresso machines for the home market. Then you realise that although less shiny, the grinder is at least as important as the machine.

  • Home espresso is a tricky business - tbh most of the time good coffee shops struggle.

    Milk hides a lot of issues.

  • Totally agree

    When we went from the Silvia and Rocky combo to the orchestrale nota and Titan grinder it was a revelation

    The compak grinder was the bigger upgrade and suddenly the individual shots from silvia were much better. However the bigger espresso machine helped making shot after shot easier - Silvia lost too much heat with each shot pulled.

    Years ago I was told to spend approx 30% of budget on grinder and 60 on espresso machine. But when we had the compak and Silvia it showed how much more important the grinder can be. However I have seen reviews that literally compare the Niche with the K10 and see that the Niche could improve workflow making coffee at home hence why I am considering the change.

  • Well Iā€™ve had a Mazzer Mini for 10 years which Iā€™ve owned from new, so I know the importance of a good grinder thanks. I just question Ā£800 for a domestic only unit with no hopper, no dosing timer, nothing.

    Also it looks like something youā€™d buy in John Lewis fund on kickstarter.

  • What use is a timer? I weigh beans before and after grinding but time and weigh shots.

    My compak has no hopper because I single dose.

    As such those are irrelevant features to me.

  • My compak has no hopper because I single dose.

    On my doserless K6 I use a little scoop to limit retention, not ideal but might tide you over until you find the grinder of your dreams. I had it cut out of stainless steel when I ordered some parts for my fatherā€™s 2CV restauration, but Iā€™m sure something similar made of acrylic would be fine too. I grind until all of the beans have gone through, then scoop out the grinds in the chute then spin it up again to get everything into the chute and then scoop scrap the last bits out. I donā€™t have exact figures as measuring again after grinding is too much of a ballache for me, but Iā€™m fairly confident itā€™s under 1 gram.

    If the Niche wasnā€™t so ugly Iā€™d almost consider it, but I wouldnā€™t hear the end of it if that thing found its way into our house.

  • Not really. Just pointing out that comments like this are pretty patronising.

    Then you realise that although less shiny, the grinder is at least as important as the machine.

  • Just trying to be helpful to the general chat. Not many people here with ex-commercial grinders.

    It wasn't meant like that but if you want then by all means go ahead and feel patronised.

  • And I totally second @dancingĀ james comments that for the vast majority of home users a timed dosing and a hopper are totally useless.

    You can find that patronising as well if you want.

  • I planned to ditch the hopper when I got the Silenzio but havenā€™t got around to it yet. The beans sit in there for about 1.5 weeks, havenā€™t seemed to throw off the taste.
    Didnā€™t look inside though...

  • I can't be arsed cleaning my Moka back up.
    I used it yesterday and today.
    It's good.

  • Mad coffee bantz... I bought an Aeropress Go off my neighbour today, tidy little solution for the office... My old Porlex Tall is going with it... Neighbour was trying to sell me the new Porlex as well, bad man! He sells some good coffee stuff...

  • Installed a ECM E61 Flow Profile Valve with Gauge on my ECM Synchronika this morning.

    ECM Flow Valve device should allow me to manually adjust the flow of the water inside the brewing head and manually control the profile of the coffee extraction. The flow control enables the user to fully control the time of the pre-infusion stage and amount of water flowing through the group-head over the defined extraction time.Ā­5l8

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Coffee Appreciation

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